[Request] Update 8 Direction Behavior

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  • Katala

    [quote:357mpgs6]Construct Classic had push out mode "Normal (use for slide)" on Custom movement. I think that would be good addition.

    The custom movement behavior does have that but it doesn't work well. See the link in my other post for an example.

  • +1

    A wall sliding option would be great.

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  • R0J0hound - Thanks Ill check that out tonight.

    Ribis - Yes, as stated in the OP the behavior does work well, but sliding against angled walls seems like it should be part of the behavior similar to how the platform movement deals with slopes without extra code. The Platform Behavior has received many improvements to increase it's usability but 8 Direction hasn't gotten much attention.

    yes, I understand and you are right, make it simple if the behavior has more implementation, but for some request is better if you made your own script for make your own gameplay... but a wall sliding can be an important integrate.

    R0J0hound I locked your script (and don't just this)... and they are like an art... did you study math?

  • Ribis

    I do but all the math there is just a collection of simple things combined, so it only looks complex.

  • Pardon the necromancy, but I'd rather not scatter discussion.

    These are a number of good workarounds, thanks be to R0J0hound, but I would like to see an option for it in the core 8dir behavior. I'll be off using a modified 8dir for my own nefarious purposes muahaha

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