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  • Hi !

    There is one thing that bothers me in Construct 2 since a looong time.

    When you click on export to -> [anything] -> Export files to :


    First of all, the output directory is always reset to a default one one a new Construct 2 start like Users/Canapin/Desktop/New Project. I always save my exports in another custom directory and it would be very, very great if Construct 2 remembered the export directory for a given project.

    It is especially annoying as the used file browser is that [insert a rude term] windows browser which doesn't have an address bar, which makes it terrible to go to our regular output directory.

    Wouldn't be possible to replace it with this better and more suitable file browsing windows ?


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  • I hate that Windows folder browsing dialog as well but you can set the default export folder in preferences at least.

  • Good to know, thanks.

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