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  • Fimbul


    I had tested the ability of firebase with a very small mmo demo.

    Each client will communicate to some other clients by firebase. A game server might be another kind of client which control NPC or other system events.

    This would be another use-case of headless exporter, since this game server does not need UI. So any user could use C2 to create game server, and run at node.js (without any database -- firebase is a database already)

    Run in browser also fine for developing stage I guess.

  • Especially considering all the existing npm's.

    Of course I doubt those would be used easily by C2's runtime.

    I don't see any problems with using existing npm's with c2runtime,. It's all javascript after all, right?


    Thanks for updating about your progress, i believe there are many use cases for this kind of "exporter"


    Can i kindly ask you to provide some information is this kind of functionality planned for C3? I hope headless exporter would be easier to achieve with plans to utilize nw.js for C3...


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  • JohnnySheffield


    I got trouble while running project (at previous post) on host like heroku or linode server -- they do not have any browser.

    "Headless exporter" might be a better solution for those cases, to run application on node.js.

  • seems the question is not only applying to c2 but for most developers over internet that uses node ... and i was trying to figure it out also this week.. till i found your post.. and seems is not possible

    here is a topic for headless verison and seems that node.js already does it.. but not nodewebkit which is a different thing.

    and also the phantom.js is doing same thing ... but im no plugin exporter developer.. so all this lays in your powers if you can develop a new nw.js like exporter plugin ... sounds easy but i know is not ...

    ah.. and there is this repository also... git phantom nodewebkit

    im just a noob dont beat me with rocks ...

    however this thing may not be needed since you can install a GUI on linux ... and run ur app.. as i did (but was painfully long process)... another option... if u willing to put some server maintanance cash down... rent a windows server and its done(what im using now but its heavily expensive then a normal linux server 5x times more) ... but then just adding the ability to set window "show" to "false" in the manifest when exporting wold also do the trick.

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