Request for feedback on new offline support (r235+)

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  • About a month ago in r235 we implemented a whole new mechanism for offline support using Service Worker. This currently only affects Chrome and Firefox, but it's a pretty big change to a major feature. We're due a stable release soon and although my own tests with it worked, I've not really heard any feedback about this since.

    I assume no news is good news (nobody's noticed it's broken so far), but it would be useful to get some positive feedback too. So has anyone tried running their game offline with r235 and did it work OK? If this is important to you and you haven't tested it yet, I'd appreciate if you could try re-exporting with the latest beta and check offline support still works the way you want it too.


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  • Hi!

    I've downloaded the beta and it works flawlessly on the latest chrome browser!

    Even tough I probably won't use this feature in the near future (As I export only with NW.js and Cordova) I think this will be huge to someone who does export to the web!

    P.S. Thanks for making CC and C2! I think they are the best 2d game engines!

  • I just tested it in the latest Opera (exported with r237), opened my game, killed the wifi, refreshed a few times and it works like a charm.

  • I was wondering about this. The 'is downloading update' and ‘on update ready' conditions were useful, why don't they work for the new method? I don't want the user to have to open the browser console to find out that information.

  • No negative feedback

  • Arima - I want to bring them back in future, but the way service workers are architected makes it tricky. It could also be tricky to make it work identically to how it used to, so I might add new conditions instead.

  • I ran my game in R236, Approx dl 143, mem use 147.7mb, events 883, in Chrome, with windows 10. It ran without any crashes, even though it (understandably) lagged compared to nw.js

    Hardware Specs: i3-4330, 8GB DDR3, R9 280X, 1080p panel at 60hz.

  • Ashley Everything works perfectly, but there is one question. Now when downloading a new version on the server, the user sees all as before. It helps clearing the cache and data of the page.

  • criterian21 - I'm not sure what you mean is different? Previously it would also show the old version, and you'd need to reload again to get the new version. Also due to a quirk of Chrome you may have to actually close and reopen the entire browser window.

  • Hmm, if AppCache is still present in Construct, side by side with Service Worker, up to r239 anyway, why removing the "Is downloading update" and "On update ready" conditions?

    Is there a way to know when the update is ready, so the player doesn't keep playing the old version, unaware there's a new one?

  • Those conditions only worked with AppCache and so would not work with the browsers which use Service Worker, i.e. Chrome and Firefox (so a lot of the market).

    I want to add support back for checking for those conditions with the new Service Worker system, but it's tricky and it's hard to guarantee they'll work identically to how they did before, so they're deprecated for the time being. I think it is most likely new triggers will be added in future.

  • Ashley Why remove these Browser plugin conditions when some browsers are still using AppCache and before you've been able to replace them with another similar functionality for Service Worker? Any such updates which can potentially create issues for existing apps, without the ability to replace code to solve the issue, are not really good practice.

    Can we expect something in the next stable release to solve for this?

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