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  • I would like to request an option to make the collision box of a sprite circular. Often I make a bullet object that I expect bullets to bounce off walls at same angle as they hit the wall. Normally, he only way to do this would be to add a whole heap of collision points, which lags up the game. Do you see what I mean?

  • You want a round pixel ?...good luck with that one...

  • Physics behavior does have round collision boxes, found in the behavior properties, not the animation editor.

  • You don't need circular collision masks for that. See the 'bouncing bullets' example.

  • Having a circular mask would do nothing at all to help. For reference, circular "masks" are the easiest to program because you can just check the distance to another object, and when the distance is smaller than the radius of your circular collision mask, you have collided (it's a bit more complicated than that but you get the gist).

    What I would love to see, Ashley, is a way to get the normal of a surface, or at least the angle between two points in the mask, so I can make perfect collisions - since this is a bit of an obscure request, perhaps you can point me to the SDK so I can implement this myself? Is this even possible?

    Think of a laser beam hitting an irregular (as in, arbitrary shape) mirror - the reflected beam's direction depends on where it hit the mirror. Since the shape is arbitrary and I cannot fetch any data about the collision mask, it cannot be implemented (unless you use weird hacks).

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  • Take a look at the Javascript SDK. Unfortunately there's no documentation on the collision masks, but the source code to the engine is viewable in the install directory. If you look up the Bullet behavior there's a function to get the angle of collision for an arbitrarily shaped object which might come in handy.

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