Request: more choices for hot spot of tilebackground object

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  • Well I doubt that a behavior is doable anyways.It was just a thought.

    Im just worried there might be some unforeseen issue adding something new to the most used object.

    On the other hand there's nothing wrong with adding a brand new object either.

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  • yeah. I wouldn't touch tiledbg or sprite either. Just make it as a separate object for users to use if they really need it.

    Hey, You will get 3 objects that do 3 different things to choose from instead of one uber object.

    And like always if one thing can do everything than it probably can do nothing xD

  • Ideally a new build of C2 would convert existing Tiled BG objects into sprite objects with the tiled image option enabled, then leave it up to the devs to combine them into a single sprite object with frames if they want, unless that can be done automatically.

    If that is not practical, then keep tiled BG's around but inform users in the manual that it is obsolete due to the sprite object's new feature, and eventually remove it from C2.

    We definitely do not need a whole new object just for one feature. That means 3 very similar objects that must be individually maintained, and can't be used in families.

    A "tiled image" behavior is interesting but I don't see it being used on anything other than sprite objects, and isn't even compatible with, say, 9 patch.

  • That would be cool to combine them, though you wouldn't want the "crop" tool to add a 1 pixel empty border around an image your using to tile as the sprite object currently does. With the merge I hope the offsetting feature is added too, so that the texture can move within the sprite. Although it would be fantastic to have that texture offsetting added to the spritefont object first, so that we could use multiple colors in our text

  • offset and scale texture - mega combo request xD

  • Yeah we are long overdue for an image offset feature. None of the current workarounds actually work, and are somewhat limiting. Also you can hold control to get rid of the 1px border when cropping, if you didn't know.

  • An animated offset would be nice for sure

  • Please don't remove TB, at least keep it in for compatibility.

  • Yess, Offset and tiling in the Sprite object would be fantastic!

    I do see Ashley's concern however. I think it would probably be OK to leave the tiledBG in the software as a deprecated feature, or, even better, convert all tiledBG objects to sprites.

    Having multiple object types that all do similar stuff is a pain, especially for families etc. Combining to one object would be ideal.

  • this would be great!!


    IF YOU CAN animate the tiled sprite as well that would be awesome....

  • [quote:2gt7pr23]Please don't remove TB, at least keep it in for compatibility.

    +1 I have special uses for it mainly because of the ability to have unique images per instance. I assume the Sprite plugin would get quite complicated if it would support animations like now, offsetting and tiling.

  • I'm not sure what to do about this - perhaps we could add a tiling mode to Sprite and keep a somewhat redundant Tiled Background just because lots of people will still expect it to be there?

    +1 for tiling mode for sprites AND for keeping the simple tiled background object

  • Tokinsom thanks, it didn't say that in the tooltip.

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