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  • I think we all could benefit from a forum dedicated to art. Since good art is an important component in making games, and C2 attracts non-programmers like artists, why not make the community more inviting to artists?

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  • Could be a nice idea also regarding graphic implementation in C2 and solo devs talking about how they planned graphics in their games, however most graphic artists are worried about their work being stolen so an "art" subforum would not be used that much for art itself, that and also most people prefer to go in communities made for that specific topic.

  • I think it would be interesting to have Art Talk concerning how to approach art for games, and this would be great even for artists.

  • Aphrodite

    That's probably true, but animators and game artists are a bit different. We are use to collaborative efforts and work well in a team environment. We are more likely to share our work when possible. There are a few communities dedicated to game art, but nothing for artists working with C2. I think artists working with C2 are most likely working on personal projects anyway, and we wouldn't have much of a problem sharing our work. Artist love feedback! Art is all about communication.

    I think so too. Thanks for the support!

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