Remove Permissions on CocoonJS Games

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  • > It's been since 2012 and still no sign of movement. Really poor form.

    This issue has been solved months ago. There are still problems with physics and ad support but despite that i think cocoonjs is now a viable solution for mobile games.

    How is it solved? Apps compiled by CocoonJS have 7 permissions by default, we cannot selectively pick.

  • I have these permissions on my builds.







    All of them are quite standard for a game. I don't see anything "scary" for a potential customer like camera access and geolocalization.

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  • My latest compiled have these permissions by default: none of which I need for my game at all.

    1. Storage, modify or delete contents of SD card.

    2. Phone calls, read phone status and identity.

    3. Network Comm, full network access.

    4. Your location.

    5. System tools, test access to protected storage (WTF does it need this?!)

    6. Network Comm, view network connections.

    7. Prevent device from sleeping (fine).

    Exactly same game compiled via Intel Crosswalk:

    1. Network Comm, view network connections.

    Note that Storage permission to edit contents of SD card is NOT required for Webstorage saving to function at all.

  • Same here. Not fixed. I lol'd at ludei saying it would be fixed in a few weeks.

  • Did anyone try that tutorial linked earlier? and did it work?

    Im going to try it tonight/tomorrow, ill let you know if it worked for me.

    EDIT: worked!

  • ludei Is there any news on this? it is a bit of a deal breaker that my game requires that the user that the app reads their phone. Noticed that people have asked this on your forum but you have not answered them. It is very shady and not saying anything isn't really helping you here.

  • Hey guys, stop using cjs and get with, more control, easier use etc.

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