How to remove the default dotline frame on screen

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  • Seems like there is not a property to remove the default viewport size.

    If a mobile game's fullscreen property must based on this bound size?

    Is there any setting like flash's stage property?

    Help me!Thanks

  • if you need to change it during runtime there is set canvas size. However, I'm not sure the requirement to turn it off during development phase.

    Just to make you got it. That the Viewport size is the rendered graphical buffer that is displayed to the user. At this time a viewable canvas size greater than 2048? would seriously harm performance.

    If however your dealing with different render sizes to adapt your game screen for the mobile devices. Then there are tutorials covering the topic.

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  • Thank you.I just want to change it to some size like 320x480 but seem like there's not such a setting in the porperties.

    <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I found the demo space blaster has a protrait and small bound frame not like the default(640x480).But I cant know how to set it like this.

  • I got it!

    click on the project folder at the right panel.

    Then there will be window size property on the left.

  • At this time a viewable canvas size greater than 2048? would seriously harm performance.

    2046, actually. iOS apparently adds two pixels to the edge of the texture to make it so that they can rotate without aliased edges.

    Keep in mind when setting the resolution on a retina display device, you need to actually set it to a quarter (halve both the width and height) of what you want it set to, because iOS reports retina displays at a quarter their actual resolution. So to get 960x640, you set it to 480x320 (which would technically create a canvas of 482x322, but it doesn't matter since the extra pixels are blank/offscreen and the hardware can handle it, whereas the hardware cannot handle 2050x2050 textures).

  • I remember that retina display problem when fiddling around with code :| I had to in the meta tags by default sale 0.5, and set my objects to retina values. worked, but report sizes were no good :(

    2046 huh. close :D

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