Recent flicking issue in Steam4C2 plugin

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  • Before you ask, "why aren't you using Construct 3?", I have already migrated my new project to C3. However, my old project, already released to Steam, is done in C2 and it isn't feasible to migrate it over. So now I'm stuck supporting an existing game on an unsupported engine with an unsupported Steam plugin.

    I have a bizarre issue when my game runs in Steam. Whenever I pause the game or cover the screen with a blackout wipe, then the transparent background will flicker on and off while the opaque game layers behind it stay still.

    This seems to be a recent issue, and it only happens while I'm playing in Steam (it's fine when running standalone), and this issue retroactively appeared in earlier versions of the game that had been running fine.

    When I first implemented Steam support, I followed the advice of the Steam4C2 creators and created an invisible square object that moves in a sine pattern,

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  • You can try the Greenworks Redraw plugin. To use the plugin, you just have to call a function at the project start. I know you're not using Greenworks, but it solves a similar-sounding graphical glitch caused by the Steam overlay.

    I assume you added some Chromium arguments to your package json file (if not, see "The Big NW.js roundup thread" - some of these are important for Steam releases). If the redraw plugin above doesn't work, try reordering your arguments - for older versions of NW especially, arguments later down the list aren't reliably enforced.

  • Ah, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately some other issue I can't pin down is preventing me from running the game in NWJS mode at all, so I can't test it immediately. However, once that issue goes away, I'll try out the redraw plugin.

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