Reasons For Game Shaking After Upload?

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  • Hi, I've been searching all over for an explanation on this and found nothing, so apologies in advance if this is something that's already been addressed!

    When I go to preview my game within the capx, the game plays just fine. I used internet explorer (Not exactly the Cadillac of browsers) and things were still fine, so I figured this would apply after uploading as an HTML5 game. After hosting my game on a site, however, a couple of issues came up, but none worse than the game constantly jerking and shaking. This includes the characters, backgrounds... everything shakes. Even more bizarre is that the only time this doesn't happen is when I play on my own computer (Which is close to dying, by the way) on Internet explorer. I tried Opera on my computer to more shaky results. All of my remote alpha testers have told me that they've experienced the same shaking and jerkiness across IE, FF, Chrome, and Opera. Even funnier, the game gets very jerky on my work computer, which is far more powerful than my personal (Which as I said, won't be lasting much longer sadly). I once again tried in all the major browsers, and while some other issues cropped up, the same shaking/jerkiness never went away.

    Needless to say, I don't understand what's wrong. How could my game work perfectly on a dying machine and in a not-so-good browser as opposed to several more powerful PCs across several different browsers?

    The only issues I've read about that seem similar to mine are when people export to Node Webkit, which let me make clear, is not what I did! I exported to HTML5, which to my understanding is supposed to work the best out of all export options.

    And I know it's not so easy to answer without a capx posted, but my game is nearly complete and I'd rather not post it. So instead I was hoping there were some general reasons for jerky movements/shakiness in a game after exporting to HTML5 website?

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Just wanted to give a brief update; my issue was being caused by the delta time function. I was using it to keep the fps at 30 when setting the player sprite position and camera. This really helped avoid lag, but it didn't seem to agree with some of the other computers the game was tested on.

    I also found the Round expression very helpful here to make up for my lack of use of the DT expression.

    To anyone else that may be struggling with this and happens to be looking around, check out the last post of this thread:

    Very helpful!

  • I have this problem too !!

  • Just temporarily, I would try eliminating the dt expression from your game to see if that stops the shaking. That worked for me! The cost is that a little bit of lag came back, but it wasn't nearly as bad as before since other parts of my game are optimized now.

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