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  • Why not use GM then? You can script there to yer heart's content.

  • Script option would be nice

  • I want to make HTML5 games and Construct 2 is better than GM for that.

  • I am so happy C2 isn't a an scripting program. ... Traditional programming should stay for developing applications and such. For making games, tools like C2 are, in my opinion the future.

    I couldn't agree more - and I speak as a programmer/analyst with over 25 years' experience (C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, JavaScript ...).

  • When you want/need to code, take the SDK road. Make your own plugin/behavior for your projects.

    Nothing prevents you from it and you can somehow get the best of both worlds. You manage all your heavy lifting through JS code inside the plugin/behavior, you make it easier for yourself from within C2 to operate.

  • Really, the event system is just easy, simplified, powerful code.

    Even for complex applications, I have never required coding.

  • It all depends on what background you come from. If you're a coder (like using GM for instance), like I am then you're more comfortable doing it that way and any other way will take a little while to get your head round.

  • I'm not a coder at all, but I've recently begun learning Lua.

    I'm just worried that not having a scripting option might limit the possibilities, but I haven't actually used Construct 2 so I wouldn't know. Just found out about the engine last week, honestly. I'll try out the free edition.

  • Just to make it clear: we're not going to add scripting in the forseeable future. The whole reason Construct 2 exists is to save you from programming. So adding it goes against our whole reason we made Construct 2 in the first place!

    If you like programming, you can code HTML5 games in javascript entirely with free tools like Google Chrome (which has an excellent debugger) and Notepad++. It's a lot harder than doing it in Construct 2 though.

    Kyatric's suggestion of using the SDK is also a good idea - you can use custom code and APIs there, and have it all integrate smoothly with events.

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  • The ability to code itself doesn't really matter to me as long as the event system is just as capable. So I guess I'm just wondering if it'll be able to substitute coding for most people's needs.

  • So I guess I'm just wondering if it'll be able to substitute coding for most people's needs.

    It is. That's the whole point.

    Ppl used to coding might feel lost at first, because most of the code is done with the mouse through the ACE table instead of actualy writing down hundreds of code lines with your keyboard.

    But in the end, you can do as much with C2 (and I'd dare to even say more in the perspective of ppl not used to coding) than with a plain notepad and JS for example.

    Also, once you start to get into complex expressions, it gets close to real coding imo, and coding-used users shouldn't feel as lost as in front of a blank even sheet.

  • That's good to know. C2 seems to be everything I want out of an engine but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do much with it.

  • Check the games on the arcade.

    Consider them as what's doable, but not a limit to what's doable.

    There are some pretty nice stuff in there, and made with C2 for sure.

    And still it "suffers" the arcade limitation of not being able to use all the plugins you could. (custom plugins are not yet accepted there, but in the case where you publish you application by your own, sky is the limit).

  • Coding an entire and complex game in JS -> Pass. This i do with C# or something. For browser games right now the only viable solution for me is C2. Even if i'm a programmer. I could of course use Stencyl or something more low level like MOAI that exports to NaCL... But nothing gives me the same productivity as C2. I only miss iOS and Android :(

    Anyway, only thing that i miss on C2 event system is ELSE and OR, mainly OR, but ELSE would clean up things quite a bit too.

  • I personally would really like to see simple Javascript inclusion (just including a custom JS file as a resource) - the reason I want to use C2 isn't because I can't or don't want to code at all, it's because I don't want to build the engine from the ground up because there's some features I've found myself unable to implement.

    Of course, the option to write plugins to create the behaviour I want is there and for the most part quite viable, however what I'd really like is a runtime API. ;)

    Failing that, Behaviour access via Families is the last feature I think I'm waiting on.

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