Random freezes on Windows Phone 8 Device

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  • I tried both versions.

    Maybe I have too many images, my JS has inflated to 15 Mb.

  • beufreecasse Knifegrinder

    I've been up all night trying to find a solution to this with no avail. On devices with 1gb RAM the base64-encoding solution works fine. On 512mb devices it becomes very unstable after base64-encoding more than 20 or so images. Any more than 20 or so and it just black screens.

    I've looked at hosting images remotely but the AppCache only seems to work during the same session. I browsed the file system and the AppCache files are there, they just don't seem to work offline in a new session. Not that you want players to have to download files after downloading the app anyway.

    Hopefully someone has a bright idea :(

  • beufreecasse, thehen, Knifegrinder - I've been testing on my HTC 8S, and it all seems to be working well!

    I used the updated tool for my base64 encoding. It quadruples the .js file size, but everything is running fine, and I have +100 images in my game.

    Hope this info helps!

  • Blacksmith you can exclude the images from the project and the final XAP should only be a little bigger than it would normally.

  • thehen - thanks for the info, I'll give that a try!

    Do any of my testing observations help to solve things for beufreecasse Knifegrinder?

    Please let me know if anyone needs me to do any further testing! :)

  • thehen Blacksmith

    I tried with new version of the tool but still not working.

    I have 140 pictures and 470 occurences in my C2Runtime.js.

    I think this is the problem, it would be better if we could create a variable for each image file and then use it each time the image is needed.

    I will have to check if it's possible, I will come back to you

  • Blacksmith any chance you could PM me your project? It's interesting that you were able to get it working with 100+ images. I have about the same but it just keeps crashing.

  • thehen, PM sent :)

  • I can confirm that Blacksmith's build runs great, though generated encoded c2runtime.js is about 5mb, half of mine. beufreecasse Knifegrinder what are the sizes of yours?

    I think for whatever reasons we must be running out of memory.

  • thehen 35Mb <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • beufreecasse sounds like that has something to do with it. Any chance that we can choose which sprites to encode using your tool? I'm looking into mhtml as a possible alternative atm.

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  • thehen 15Mb and black screen.

    but with a bit of optimization i jumped from 20FPS to 40FPS even with local hosting.

  • Knifegrinder,

    Wow +20fps, impressive gains!

    My game already runs okay, but there's always room for improvement! Any good optimization tips you can pass on?

  • beufreecasse Knifegrinder can you guys try adding this to your WMAppManifest.xml after the ScreenResolution element:


          <FunctionalCapability Name="ID_FUNCCAP_EXTEND_MEM"/>


    This pretty much doubles available RAM and gets me to the loading screen (but no further).


    Just to confirm this works for me if as long as I keep the unencoded urls for some of the bigger UI images. beufreecasse any chance we can add selective encoding into your tool - like a checklist of sprites to encode? My c2runtime.js is 8.6mb so it looks like this is the golden size to aim for.

    Edit 2->

    Confirmed on hardware! Hooray!

  • thehen,

    Just stumbled across something you may find helpful!

    Whilst exporting my project earlier today, I neglected to uncheck the minify option. After base64 encoding my c2runtime.js, the file size came out at approx 7mb. When I tried to run the project on my device, all I got was a black screen. Needless to say, I did start to hyperventilate a little at this point ;)

    Upon realising my mistake, I re-exported the project (with minify unchecked). This time, after base encoding my images, my file came out at approx 4.5mb, and the project ran really well on my device.

    Hope this information helps to shed further light on packaging apps for Windows Phone!

    **Edit** - In my first attempt, I did also try updating the WMAppManifest.xml in the way you described above. Although I still just got a black screen when running it on my device.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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