"YOPP" A call to Ouya and interested developers

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  • I think I'm most happy that boxer8 is willing to have wrapper based html games on there system. There was a previous reply to another topic they weren't into supporting Browser games and more inclined to support games that use the ODK.

    I suspect that's because of the IAP is in the ODK. Which is there primary means to of the community and money collection. Browsers don't have access to the ODK. So it looks like Wrapped games are a go. So let's see where this can lead.

    I'm looking into getting GameClosure running on windows. I seem to be hit with a problem using git.bash and chown :( to isntall the GC kit. If GC works I might take up writing a a controller and IAP bindings. As it is now rfisher's PhoneGap plugin is the only route and PhoneGap is terrible on performance. So let's just see :)

    keep the sign in's coming. Again even if your not working on an Ouya game, but will consider it some time in the future please just make a reply letting boxer8 know your are interested :)

  • I'm interested in developing for ouya as well.

  • definitely interested in ouya/c2 development

  • Once the oportunity is open, ill gladly work on game projects for ouya console :D

  • People may prefer DirectX over OpenGL for several reasons.

    a) It's usually the first to launch new features (used to be quite the opposite before).

    b) It's well documented while OpenGL docs and tutorials are all over the place.

    c) Writing shaders in HLSL and porting them over to GLSL is considered to be easier by some.

    d) Managed DirectX.

  • VERY interested in Ouya Dev! :)

  • Would love to develop for the Ouya

  • Definitely interested! Ouya is shaping up to be a fantastic platform.

  • I had started talking with ouya before they did the kickstarter. They were interested in helping the HTML5 community.

    Here were the last communications I had, maybe he is the one to talk to first.

    Muffi Ghadiali <<>hfx@ouya.tv>

    I would connect with you on this. Let's chat after our Kickstarter campaign ends.


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  • I should be done with my Phonegap Ouya Controller Plugin in about 24 hours. I'm getting good FPS with non physics based games.

  • Your getting good fps? Any changes? Did you try using the Pender components?

    Well it's great news :)

  • I don't know if anyone has seen this video, but check it out :)

    It's only a matter of time. Though we all know Ludei release schedule :(


  • Ouya may be a great platform for HTML5 games, and I would surely go for a game on it. I'm really looking forward to this as a strong base of games for this baby console !

  • Hello everybody,

    With the new release of CocoonJS 1.4.4, Ludei has included support for the HTML5 gamepad API. You can find more information here: blog.ludei.com/html5-gamepad-api-support-in-cocoonjs-android-ouya-nvidia-shield


  • Ludie

    Thank you very much. Super appreciate it. I'm having problems that my games buttons don't work, but I hear other people having no problems. So i'm going to look in to that. But initial tests are looking good :)

    Any idea when the IAP will be ready? hopefully soon :) I'm "planning" to release my game in November. I'll let you guys know :)

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