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  • I was wondering if or how you can pick the invisible color of a sprite on C2? I cannot seem to find anywhere. Is it even an option? If not, is it in the plans to add this functionality?

    Thank you!

  • Ashley said in some topics about an improvement on the Sprite Menus, but I can't say exactly if this picking a color to make it invisible will be there.

    Remembering RPG Maker, or GM, they have this feature, what make job very easy when using Paint to produce pixel arts (where the invisible color was that strong pink ^^    ).

  • In C2 you can't pick the invisible color of a sprite (maybe in future build). For now you can only import images with transparency.

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  • I see, thanks for the info. guys. I usually work with Photoshop, but was wondering if this feature was gonna be built in in the future as it is very handy and time saving.

  • I'm curious what would be the advantage of this ? (called color key i believe). Only if you're using a tool that doesn't support transparency like paint ? In the past it made total sense since there was no support for transparency in graphics devices. This makes me remember old Mugen engine that had no support for transparency (used old allegro) so all sprites had bright pink bg's that were removed at runtime. Good times.

  • Kiyoshi, please don't underestimate the use of Paint for pixel arts. I can tell you two or three Large communities where all the senior artists started his careers using Paint.

    So, if the C2 is for everyone, I believe many of Our beginners will use paint for pixelart, a software free, come with the Windows and on MAC have a similar one too. =]

    Trust, nobody need Corel or anything else than Paint to make nice pixelarts, but Paint still limited when talking about transparent backgrounds and semi transparent colors.

    Indie Game Maker (also called as IGM) have a feature where it detect any mix of that pink, used as a key color, to detect semi transparent colors, you can setup how much sensibility deep IGM will use, so, that tool don't obligate you do use any thirty part software than IGM and a brand new Windows or MAC. ^^

  • Take it easy i never underestimate anything that's not my style, and hate people that do. I was just curious since i myself only do pixel art, but on paint.net. But i'm not 100% satisfied with it. Paint is a little better but not enough either, for me of course. I'm searching for a pixel art program that fits my needs. Best i found so far is: Moai . There's many other great ones of course. If you know of others please tell me ^__^

    The problem is that with the current engine color keying could perform worse even much worse than simply using alpha sprites.

  • kiyoshi: For when you got graphics that aren't transparent. Say you got a whole bunch, but none are transparent. You would have to process all of them through a graphic program, to remove the background. Instead of just opening C2 and pick the color.

  • Yeah of course. Since i always draw my sprites myself i always use alpha and that's it. That's why i was wondering. Of course there's many pixel painters old school style that don't support alpha. So in that cases yes it would be useful to support this feature in C2. And again i recommend that painter Moai . It got some cool features.

  • Maybe I'm just missing something here, but can't you just use the eraser tool?

    edit - This post appears to be from February. I'm not sure why I'm seeing old posts on the front page.

  • boolean: at the time the previous last post of this topic was posted, the image editor tools weren't yet implemented.

  • I updated this and the other post - I'm not sure why but I'm seeing old threads on page 1. Both seem to be from VampyricalCurse, so not sure is something happened with his account.

  • Best i found so far is: Moai . There's many other great ones of course. If you know of others please tell me ^__^

    Hey Kiyoshi. I use Graphics Gale for some sprites. I really like it. Check it out here.


  • boolean: It must be something in yer settings or a site bug. Try to sort the threads by date (not sure if possible.), see if it works. My account is fine, I dunno why you are seeing these posts.

    On a different note, using the eraser in C2 is not practical and would take forever to take the BG off a sprite, let alone hundreds. As of now I use other graphics tools to remove BG colors. Still hoping this is implemented on C2.

  • You can use the fill tool with a transparent color to quickly remove solid backgrounds. The best solution, though, is just to use a tool which supports PNG transparency... anything which doesn't must be pretty ancient!

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