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  • Why do most people on here sell there mobile games for free like in the play store etc?

  • I'm not sure you can sell a game for free. Do you mean why do most of us make our games free? For me, my games generate more income being free and having ads.

  • awww well im new to this so when i be seeing apps of games listed for free like lets say the google play store for example . Those developers are still getting paid whether that game is listed for free or not ??? And you make more money having your game for free

  • Depends on your situation. If you're really interested in making money off your game, look into competing games in your genre and test them out to see what they do well. Write down anything you think could be done better, or added to the play experience. Then start experimenting and researching with C2 to determine how you can apply logic to the C2 functionality in order to achieve what you want to accomplish. Finally, start planning your own game with these features in mind, and only when you're at least half-way through development, consider how you're going to start marketing and earning money when the release comes.

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  • Making the game free on app store, play store etc. has huge benefits - also economically.

    There're 2 viable business plans for making the apps free - and they both have much larger potential for increased income, compared to if you charged xx dollars per app download.

    First; make an estimate.

    • How many would download your app if it cost 10 US dollars?
    • How many would download your app if it cost 1 US dollars?
    • How many would download your app if it was free?

    Of course, these numbers can be skewed a lot by proper marketing, viral trending, sheer luck and other mechanics - but still. I guess we can all agree that the free app/game would be downloaded much more. The question is; how much?

    The estimates I've seen, has en operating factor of x10000 in difference between the cheapest cost for an app/game, and for the app/game being free.

    So if your app/game would be downloaded 20 times at the cost of 1 USD, we're talking 200,000 downloads if it had been free.

    TYPE 1: Advertising

    • Put in commercials.
    • If your app is popular and people actually keep using/playing it, you will generate a lot of views.
    • Your will gain a steady income, even from having made your work available for free.

    TYPE 2: In-app purchases

    • This can be tied with advertising; an in-app purchase can be for the commercials to go away.
    • Several things, such as power-ups, new levels etc. can be made in-app purchases, and thus provide you (the developer) with more reason to update with high quality content.

    Just make sure you don't make your free game a "pay to win", as this is £$! annoying, and people (especially gamers) are becoming increasingly more sensitive to this business model.

  • Thanks everyone , I appreciate it you REALLY broke it down for me. Have You Made any mobile games with this software yet. Do you get any lagging by the way Im still New to this software i come from gamemaker but i still got some learning to do here Im just throwing general question out and getting answers thanks to you guys!

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