Questions on earnings on Construct 2.

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  • Im bought in Steam Construct2 (Personal edition) I have no license code in the tab about, license information.

    Only Personal license and For limited commercial use inscription. Steam user: (further my nickname is written to Steam).

    Whether suffice this information to create, extend and sell game?

    Second serious question. In tutorials it is very in detail described as to extend game, but no words it how

    to receive for it money. Whether it is possible to use for this purpose the cash card of Visa or Webmoney paysystem . Or exists

    any other, certain way?

    Thanks for any information or tips.

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  • For the second part, there are multiple tutorials on how to make money with your games, there is also a tutorial that covers what you can do with each license. I highly recommend spending some time digging through the tutorials as there is a ton if great content there covering just about anything you could want to do.

  • Personal license is restricted in that you can make up to 5000$ with the games you sell.

    Once you earned more than 5000$ you need to update your license to a Business one as mentioned by BluePhaze and explained in how C2 licenses work.

    If you still have an issue with your license or its usage send a mail at

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