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  • I have looked at some different options for publishing my game. And saw the chrome web store, and thought it might be a good place to start.

    I read the tutorial on how to publish there, and it seems pretty straight forward. But i tried some games there and can see that they all run in fairly low resolutions (800x600 or something). However i made my game to run in full screen (1680x1050) and now im in not sure it was a good idea in regards to the chrome web store.

    So would it be better to aim for a lower resolution than that, maybe 1024x768 or 800x600?

    Also my current plan is just to add some Ads to the loading screen or something, and hopefully make a few bucks on that. But havent really spend a lot of time looking into this area. But as im already running another website, which is connected with google adsense, does anyone know if its possible to hook up a loading screen with ads to your an adsense account?

    Also it worries me a bit that i cant preview my project in chrome as all graphic is black, and then have to export it to there web store. As my experience is that things doesnt always look as you thought in the different browsers.

    For instant i exported it as an html5 and ran it in internet explore, which lag so much that it was useless. Also the buttons were jumping around.

    I then tried it in firefox, where it ran fine, however the sound is bad, due to it now being able to handle looping sound.

    And chrome couldnt even load it, which is a bit scary :D

    Also tried exporting to chrome web store, and that give same results. I dont really feel like adding something to there webstore, that i cant even load my self.

    So at the moment im a bit confused, regarding what to do. So any advice would be appreciated.

  • Are you using the latest version of Construct 2 and are your graphics card drivers up to date?

    It should not matter what window size you use, since if you use the right 'fullscreen in browser' mode, the game will just stretch to use however much space is available. See supporting multiple screen sizes.

  • Im using r132 and i updated the driver not long ago. I also tried to reinstall construct 2 yesterday and run the update graphic driver option during the install, and it said it was up to date.

    However i did a test with an empty project an a number of spinning cubes. Which each consist of either 500 or 1000 frames. For a total of 8500 frames.

    It seems that, at least my Chrome cant handle that, as some of the cube might either render black at the start or disappear suddenly while the program is running.

    Checking the Javascript console, it write the following. (There are suppose to be 3 more cubes in the screenshot, but they disappeared)

    Chrome javascript console

    I have added the capx here if you want to try and see if you get same kind of error, since there are so many images in it, its about 40 mb.


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  • I have added the capx here if you want to try and see if you get same kind of error, since there are so many images in it, its about 40 mb.


    Crashed out for me on Chrome too, but I think you just might be asking too much from the browser. The files only total 40 mb, but the memory use is over 1600 mb. That's over 10x the memory usage of Binding of Isaac or 3x greater then Hotline Miami. Your .capx uses about the same memory as games like Starcraft 2 or Guild Wars 2, which I believe is too large for the browser to handle.

  • Your .capx does the exact opposite of what we recommend for memory management. Note it estimates 1600mb memory use. It would never work, not even in a native engine - it far exceeds most system's hardware capabilities. See remember not to waste your memory.

  • I should probably have been more careful adding the images. However I "optimized" it, so now it uses only 91.9 mb, and removed 1000 images of the 512x512 cube, so its now 7500 frames.

    However it still does exactly the same as before. And didn't seem to have any impact what so ever.

    Here is the new Capx, which is about 13 mb.

    New capx

    Can you check to see if you still get the same problem as I do?

    I tried adding a timer and a memory usage text, to see what it said. And the memory usage is about 33-39 while running, and after 13s or so, one of the cubes disappear. Like it starts the application before being sure that all images have even been loaded something, which could explain that 13s of animation with a 30 FPS is 390 frames, and the javascript console starts reporting "cant find resources" for the disappeared cube around frame 390+. This varies a little bit it seems. But don't know if Chrome caches the images or loads them into memory or C2 does it, and the application is started before this is completed.

    So when it reaches those frames, it screws up or something, as it cant find them. However if you refresh the page by hitting F5 the problem seem to go away, and the cubes no longer disappear. Which could suggest that since most of the images are already loaded, it can easily load the rest and therefore the problem goes away. However Im completely guessing :D

  • Your new capx still crashes out on me too.

    I tried to delete all the sprites from the layout and it crashes regardless. Looking at Chrome's console, I think it has to do with how many images are loaded/requested, but I'm speaking out of my ass here and could be completely wrong. 7,500 images are requested from your game, and somewhere down the line Chrome becomes unable to load them.

  • Yeah I know that 7500 images are quite a lot, but its just a test, since the other browsers doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

    But did you try to refresh the page with F5 and see if the problem went away as well?

    Because it seems that it can actually load that many images, but maybe not during the initial startup for some reason. But I don't know how images are handled when you preview a project in C2 and how chrome deals with them. Meaning that if the images are stored in some cache some where, and it cant load them fast enough and simply start the program while doing that in the background, and then the animation catches up with it, before its done or something, and then throws an error.

    But if I delete so there is 5500 images, it doesn't have a problem during the startup either.

    But its a bit weird, because in my actual program, where it also does it, there are only 9 images and 1 list in the first layout and it goes wrong as well, But in the "Remember not to waste your memory" - it says that:

    "In Construct 2, images are loaded layout-by-layout. This means when a layout starts, every object on the layout is loaded in to memory immediately. This is to avoid mid-game pauses as textures are loaded on the fly. When the layout ends, it will free all the images in memory not used by the next layout, and load any new images the next layout uses. This means your game's peak memory use is based only on the layout with the most images, rather than all the images in the project."

    So that would mean if I understood it correct, that those 10 objects are the only ones being loaded into the memory at the start. Which I don't really understand because in the javascript console I can see that images that are not part of that layout, are also being listed under the "Failed to load resource", so I guess its doing or want to do something with these images, even though they are not part of the layout. But I did a memory usage test on the main page and it uses 11 not full screen and 18 in full screen, so its not a lot I guess, and seems to be as stated in the "remember not to waste your memory". So what exactly its doing with the images from the other layouts are a bit weird.

  • Yes, I did try to refresh the image. The only way I was able to get the capx to successfully load was to delete all the sprites from the project asides for one.

    Since it wouldn't load for me even after removing all the sprite objects, I can only assume the problem lies within the number of frames the sprites have. But your guess is as good as mine.

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