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  • Hello. I am intended to make a platformer game and now trying to choose an engine for it. So I have some questions about Construct functionality.

    1. Does any of Android wrappers support Nvidia Shield?

    2. Does gamepad work in node-webkit wrapped games?

    3. If you want to make multiple resolutions (for example 1280x720 and 1920x1080) will you need multiple image sets for every resolution or it is possible to make only 1080 and shrink it somehow (I'm talking about node-webkit Windows executable)?

    4. Can you change in-game how close the view is (like moving camera back and forth to a 2D scene)?

    5. Can you make the game world generate randomly by a set of rules (like in �Valley Without Wind� or �Risk of Rain�)? Will it be possible to save such world in that case (as I understand it will have to store a huge amount of data)?

  • 1. Maybe, but doesn't that handheld run PC games too?

    2. Yes

    3. No, you can just make your images at the highest resolution and C2 will automatically scale the game down based on your chosen fullscreen mode.

    4. Yes

    5. Yes (within reason)

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  • Thank you.

    As for Shield, it plays PC games by streaming only. The console itself runs on Android. But I think if there are wrappers that support OUYA, Shield support is just a matter of time.

  • 3. There is surely a way to do resolution from what I've gathered so far, but some good plan is needed.

    5. Again, you need to keep the level certain size, however I think that by using external files that are storing the generated world data, you might be able to make a really huge world.

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