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  • Hello

    I need to ask something about the selling part.

    I have one client who is interested to commission me to make a game for him wich he will basicaly then own for own webpage and maybe commercial purposes.

    So he basicaly gets all the files of the made game.

    Can I do this with a personal license?

  • "The Personal license

    All the free edition limits are removed with a Personal license. However, the rules for commercial use are different for individuals and organisations.

    Individuals may use a standard license for commercial purposes up to a revenue limit of $5000. Once revenues associated with creations made with Construct 2 exceed $5000 (including associated advertising/promotion) a business license must be purchased. However, no business license is necessary before that point.

    Not-for-profit organisations like schools, libraries and universities may use personal licenses to remove the free edition limits. Bulk discounts are available.

    Commercial organisations cannot purchase standard licenses: they must purchase business licenses."

    I'm pretty sure you can.

  • Iam aware of the $5000 limit, wich is why I ask if it counts when the sold game migh be used by its new owner for posible commecrial uses and still effects my license?

    Or should I just make an agreement with him to have the game for personal use for example?

  • If you have a personal edition license, you can make games for other people if they commission you to do so. The amount they pay you goes towards your $5k limit.

    The client who purchased the game from you can do with it as they wish.

    Feel free to email for answers to specific questions, we're always happy to clarify.

  • Thankyou :D

    In that case I can find a bunch of ppl who will be interested to commission such work and I get a better chance to spread the world about construct2 :)

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  • Miu3 I have a question for you.

    The game commisions that you are getting. Does that also include the you doing the art assets? I would go commision also, but I can't really draw or do art assets in a professional manner.

  • As far it seems, Ill be doing the graphics aswell. Originaly I made a animated clip for him based on his book and now he asks me to do also a platformer type of game for it. If you are looking for clients to do commission for them, you can try elance. It is a really neat place :D

    Some project require just the game making while the client provides the graphic made by other artist.

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