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  • I've been trying to improve myself o make better games, always. I improve my graphic and programming skills and still I get bad reviews even though I'm trying hard.

    But after playing some few games made by C2 from the completed creation forum, a question popped in my mind?

    How some bad games and too simple games, and I don't want to be offensive (so I apologize) silly games, get that positive reviews from scirra users and players. even newbies get positive reviews on their games!!

    and I'm struggling on making games that people may like but with no hope. so I'm confused.

    should I make a bad game to have good reviews?

    Please reply and discuss this because it is very important topic.

  • Making better graphics and improving programming skills do not make you a better game developer.

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  • Keep making games, keep earning experiences, the only thing is you shouldn't give up.

  • Making games isn't about features or what the game does. Making games is about engaging the player. How is the player going to respond.

    Also and this one is super super hard and this applies to almost everyone on the planet.

    "You" are not everyone else.

    What you think is good or bad may in fact be bad or good. I work with a programmer where most games he thinks sucks. Where as some of the highest rated games he has made tend to be the one he thinks sucks the most.

    The best way to make a game is protoype the game. Then get a sample of opinions from other people. Your going to get many bad comments before any good ones. But when you find teh good comments. Then that's the game you should focus on.

    Also make sure the basic action of the game is engaging.

    Mario has Jump and Run. That was enough to spawn a legend.

  • Perhaps lower some expectations, better yet, throw them expectations out the window, your evolving.

    Don't be affraid to try crazy creativity.

    Patience is a virtue.

    Someones "bad" game, could be anothers life time enjoyment.

    Beauty lays in the eye of the beholder.

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