Queastion about a .exe exporter?

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  • Just wondering, but I've read posts that seem to contradict each other??? Is there a plan to EVER make a .exe exporter for Construct 2?

    If a person wants to build a game in construct 2 to sell on Steam as an Indie game then a .exe exporter is essential and one feature I am hoping and waiting for before I delve too deep into construct 2. You all are doing an awesome job building construct 2, but if it won't have a .exe exporter then its use will be limited too much for me and I will have to look elsewhere for an html 5 engine that will be able to accomplish this as well. I bought a license to support the work that is being done but after reading various posts I'm wondering if I wasted my money or not?! One post said that you were, while another post could make one think that you have no intention of EVER making one and instead will wait for an independent developer to make one as a plugin that you would have to purchase separately?!

    I look forward to your responses, thank you.....

  • The official FAQ says they will eventually make one, but are finishing up the html5 exporter first.


  • Keep in mind you probably wont be able to get one click exports, or even most of the same features across different platforms.

    Plus most if not all plugs will have to be ported to their prospective sdks.

    The odds are good that different exporters will happen. Its just going to take some time.

  • Some users have been able to wrap a HTML5 game in a C# EXE - should be a thread about it back in the forum somewhere...

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  • Is it possible to ever "finish" the HTML5 exporter?

  • , we'll probably be making changes for a long time to come, but there will come a point where the HTML5 exporter needs very little work, rather than the constant heavy coding we're doing on it now. Once we reach that point, that frees us up for a new exporter, even if we're tweaking HTML5 from time to time.

  • I really hope there's a an.exe exporter. HTML5 is cool and all, but for the game I have in mind it is out of the question. C2 is a great application and in my opinion the best game builder to come. I support it, but I am not into HTML5 much myself, as I have no ideas for game for it. Why did I support it? As I said, I think it's great and haven't seen anything like it on the market today, even MMF seems time consuming compared to C2 <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> . I just hope I can actually use it.

  • I will continue working on classics until a version to export to exe

  • hook11: nice bump.

    Have a look at this thread in the meantime, closing this one, not much to add.

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