PSA: Try to Not Lose your Keystore, Alias, Passwords etc.

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  • Today I got freaked out because I had lost track of my Keystore's Alias and Passwords (made in Intel XDX ) I'm going to Cocoon so I needed them again. I had a file with the Alias and Passwords in them but had them Password locked > < thankfully I eventually remembered the Alias and Passwords.

    It is INCREDIBLY important that you do NOT lose your Keystore and have your Alias and Passwords for your Keystore written down in at least one place, if not multiple spots. With your Keystore, make sure you have at least three backups. The Keystore, Alias, and Passwords are for your app's secruity. If you lose any of them or dont know the Alias and Passwords you'll have to create a new Keystore, meaning you can't update the apps using the keystore you had before, if you lose it or lose/forget the Alias and Passwords.

    I almost lost the Keystore today, I don't want that happening to anyone else. It is very very important that you backup the actual .keystore file in multiple places, and have the Alias and Passwords with that Keystore backed up somewhere and/or written down somewhere.

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