How should I protect my Intellectual Property ?

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  • Plus exclusivity to a trademark mightn't even completely apply within a category you select, if the company/person who violates the trademark can argue that they're catering to a different demographic.

    For instance, when Mr Whippy (franchise selling ice-creams out of vans) launched action against a 4 star restaurant selling ice-creams with the same trademarked name, the restaurant argued the technicality that somebody eating at a 4 star restaurant was unlikely to buy a ice-cream out of a van, so there was no violation of trademark.

    Such fun.

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  • Wow, interesting information here! This is really helpful information to everyone who is just getting started like me! Thanks guys!

  • Beaverlicious

    Aurora Australis

    RedFlag was just an example, I know that is widely used.


    I thought of the idea of using Mobile as a second world, but Creations sounds better Do you know any other words that would sound more professional like Solutions or Studio ?

    How much does trademarking a name/brand cost ?

  • TGeorgeMihai Studios, Games, Entertainment, Design, Unlimited, and just about anything that gives an idea of what you do.

  • Of course, whatever happens, you can't copyright an idea so the best thing you can do is get distinct branding and characters which can be trademarked. The game mechanic as well is something you won't be able to stop people copying. Probably the best thing to do is not even try.

    Yes, by all means trademark that which makes your game unique, design wise, but you won't get anything popular if no one ever sees it because you're worried about someone copying you.

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