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  • Ok tested and seems fine here on localhost, and doesn't freeze on IE9, But i'm getting some random freezez on FireFox now..?

    Also the Bosses Rocket collision with the sheild, is set if shield is visible, which again works correctly on Localhost but not online..? So i dunno.

  • Unable to open because of a missing behavior. Do you know which behavior(s) are required?

    Alternatively, export project and post online link through dropbox. That way we can see if it freezes for us.

  • The behaviours are

    SpaceShip Movement

    Custom Movement


    it's in the competetion here

  • It' doesn't matter now, i've changed the event to create object instead of set visable, maybe it's a bug somewhere...?

  • Ok my Competition game seems to run fine in IE9 but not in FireFox 7.01.... anyone know why..?

    As soon as my bosses Rocket hits the shield it locks up..?

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  • Seems to work fine here in Firefox 7. If you press Ctrl+Shift+J after it locks up are there any errors? (You might need to press Clear before it happens to make sure other site's errors aren't showing)

  • Ok this is what it says

    here's a link to the capx

    Error: this.showContextMenu is not a function

    Source File: chrome://y2layers/content/overlay.js

    Line: 34

    Warning: Use of attributes' nodeValue attribute is deprecated. Use value instead.

    Source File:

    Line: 0

    Error: this.s is not extensible

    Source File:

    Line: 139

    Warning: Use of attributes' nodeName attribute is deprecated. Use name instead.

    Source File:

    Line: 0

  • In group Conditions

    Event 16 turn "ScoreChecker = 500" to "ScoreChecker = 50"

    => Takes less ships before being able to test the boss.

    When boss appears=>

    FireBug error


    l.322 this.dx is not extensible

    Quick solution:

    Group "Bosses"

    Event 147 -> Toggle Stop SpaceShip

    Long solution:

    Report the error on the spaceship movement topic and see if Fimbul can work it out.

    This is for your capx.

    My guess is that the errors you get online are related. (Error: this.s is not extensible)

    For the others, it looks like chrome errors.

    Error: this.showContextMenu is not a function

    Source File: chrome://y2layers/content/overlay.js

    Line: 34

    ??? This is not part of firefox.

    And for the last error I can't check for sure, because I will not download 16 Mo of datas with my slow connexion for now.

    Now for the gameplay itself, I think your scores are a bit too high, as the boss was really the first challenge I encountered.

    The rest of the time it is just pressing right arrow and mashing my LMB (which cause my forearm to be hurtfull atm tbh :) ).

    Make smaller waves, or smarter ennemies.

    Also, as mentionned, the size of the game is a bit heavy imo.

  • Thanks for the reply, i posted in my competion entry and should have put here,

    For the TESTERS you can enable DEBUG MODE F5 to enable F6 to DISABLE.

    "P" to Kill 50 Enemies (PowerUp x 1)

    "S" to Add 100 To Score to get to Bosses Faster

  • Ok after changing

    Quick solution:

    Group "Bosses"

    Event 147 -> Toggle Stop SpaceShip it seems not to bad now in firefox 701 but this is strange this 1 error.

    Error: aRequest.URI is undefined

    Source File: chrome://y2layers/content/overlay.js

    Line: 270

    here's the new updated capx if anyone gets a chance to check


    Made it a bit harder now and less time between different bosses.

    and if you think your fingers/forearm hurt now wait till you get to wave 5 hahaha

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