Problem that most constructors suffer from

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  • I have seen lately, Discussion about game design is very active, but the complete creation forum is not even opened. How do you think That others are going to play your game if you didn't play theirs? We must all swap playing games, so everyone can see their games, on return your game is played. Do you agree?

  • I have two responses.

    A: Wat?

    B: Not sure if...

    Take your pick.

  • He means we should respond more to other people's games, play it and give feedback. Fair enough, I try to play as much as possible, but too damn busy working on my own game most of the time.

  • Tempted to say, curvature of the back, eye strain or repetitive strain injury...

    But if You mean more people should rate and respond to other peoples C2 creations on the forums, I agree...

  • Mano-a-mano? Oh wow you have a lot games :O on Arcade. I like games that have a high learning curve but also has very nice, not-over-the-top graphics, and do not have many cutscenes. So, which one do you recommend to me? I will add a link to my game demo, so rate it, comment it, write constructive cricism! I will do the same, but since you have so many games, I just dont know what to klick .

  • Yes that What I'm saying Constructors should support other Constructor

  • SharpedX if you want to see a game of mine please see this: ... 0Saga.html

  • SharpedX The game say I'm not old enough to see your game

  • Naji ,,, So far I have played your weggie-game trough twice .. But realized that my comments would have been more or less the same stuff Kyriac posted (and you ignored) so there's no point. IMHO that thingy of yours ain't even close to be considered 'release quality' and I'm sorry to put this bluntly, but I consider uploading it to game sites being a mistake.

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  • Joannak Please tell me what's wrong with it so I can fix it!

  • SharpedX if you want to see a game of mine please see this: ... 0Saga.html

    Game idea: 4.8

    Difficulty: 2.5

    Level design: 4.0

    Graphics: 3.2

    Sound: 1.8

    Replayability: 2.0

    Overall: Time well spent, a very nice 3 star game. Tough I kind of disliked the complexity on this, it took a long time to see the balls drop so slowly sometimes. The boss fight confused me a little, I tought the green bar was his health <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">, I am so use to seeing bars if I see boss fights. but then I noticed a measly 5% had left on him, and I had over 30 balls still. This fits nicely for 5-10 year olds. The game idea reiminds me of some other game, that I kept replayng over and over on my mobile back when I was in the army. It was called Good Will or something. I like these type of games, because I like to replay them and see if I can do it differently. How did I complete your game? I shot the balls randomly <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">. 6 out 9 I got 3 star, and 3 levels were 2 star. Tough there was a level that did require some aiming, it was level 8.

  • SharpedX The game say I'm not old enough to see your game

    really? so adding the violence tag, because my game has guns but no gore, like a lot of games on Arcade, means that

    registered users cant play it. I mean, why the game add option did not tell me what it will do, like say, registered users who younger than ,,this age,, cant play it. I just found that one out.

    I will upload another version .

  • SharpedX Thank you so much on your feedback ! if you ever want any feedback at any game just PM me and I'll play it!

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