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  • Dear community, dear staff!

    I started yesterday with learning how to draw (especially humans) and my main problem are the propotions (is this even english? I mean the lenght of the arms, legs, upper and lower body etc) ...

    I thought about making an html5 app witch calculates the perfect human body based on the golden cut.

    My problem is now .. will there be a feature for printing? I mean .. I start the app, type in "My human should be 10cm high" and the app calculates the height of the ellbows, the knees, the hip, the breast etc etc and than I get lines .. that part is easy to do, just simple mathematics .. but .. will there be a way to save it as PDF or JPG or directly hit the "Print" button and print it out without using plugins?

    Best regards

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  • Have you tried seeing if the browser does this itself? If you have a canvas on a page and tell the browser to print it, does it print the contents of the canvas?

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