Preloading sprites into Video Memory issues

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  • In my case, the player has an attack that 'spawns' about 16 bullets per tick. These are pointed at random angles, and fired off at a constant speed. When they hit an enemy, or the edge of the screen, they are 'destroyed'. So, their 'lifetime' is pretty short, <1 second.

    In short: Bullets start offscreen, inactive. They go back offscreen when 'destroyed'. For 'spawning', I move them onscreen and reorient them.

    If I hold down on this attack button on a blank screen, I get a maximum onscreen count of ~1500 bullets.

    Here's a thread with more discussion of this:

    Your game looks awesome BTW.

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  • Thanks so much TiAm! I was curious though, does that mean you are creating 1500 bullets in your layout? I feel like my game might be able to use this optimization to help with CPU load but im not sure the practice. I should read the thread you posted haha.

  • Yes, and storing them offscreen. This is not without some cost as well, because they have to be 'checked' for drawing every tick (or so I understand). So, when I go this route, I have more cpu usage at idle.

    However, the most demanding part of the game is when I've got all those bullets onscreen, and in that situation I come out ahead. YMMV.

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