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  • I'll help. I have a little time on my hands while I await voting.... What can I do? (I'm not very tech savvy at scripting...)

  • nothing yet, i'll need around 2 weeks to finish the version 1.0 of program. also i will need a few plugin developers like and others to upload some plugins

    and a few users to test downloading/installing etc.

    i'll update here in a week or two, depending how fast i can c#it

  • if it will be good - i`m in, as a developer.

  • sorry guys, this is taking too long, was a bit busy with RL job but now i'm back on track with manager.. hopefully i will have running version soon up..

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  • I think that Ashley and co should develop such a tool as part of construct3. It will help boost sales and also would be nice to have an official repository for these things!

    Keep the free addons/effects free please. As to the ones by rex and the other popular ones, i think that we can all agree some of them should be an official part of construct to begin with. Its just that someone will have to maintain them

  • they already made that.

    but the problem is - when you download it it still doesn't install automatically, you don't have a plugin manager that has everything you have installed + uninstall options, you can't choose versions, and so on.. it doesn't report bugs to developer automatically, and doesn't have comment section on it's own. also no versioning.

    with this you could open a ticket, write and attach capx and bam - posted to developer. he can then download your capx and see the text, while others will only be able to see text without capx (for copyrighted work).

  • hey guys just a quick update, i'm working on this now as intended full time to the max..

    here's just a small screenshot of current work.

    the red parts are still missing and there's a lot of design tweaks to be done, and ofc the whole logic is still in the works.

    like i've mentioned before it's a plugin manager that will allow you to select what you want - press install and it downloads and installs your plugin / behaviour / effect etc.. same can be done backwards - delete, uninstall (delete delets downloaded file), i've thought about adding a comments section - where people will be able to comment and report bugs on the selected item. on screenshot i was testing pathfinders link to example to see if it will work as intended and it seems it does.

    and yeah, whole developer section is missing (where devs of plugins will be able to tick fixed bugs, write changelogs, update new versions and so on..). also users will be able to select which version (that were uploaded) they want to download and so on..

    it's nowhere near finished but it will be soon... registration and login is already done, and the only thing left is to decide if i should charge money for it or not. that's where i need your help guys ! tell me would be 10$ solid price?

    did i mention that if i'm paid for the work - i could buy a separate database (they do cost around 5$ per month) where i could store everything, files, all the links and so on.. and if i don't pay - people will have to maintain their links and stuff on dropbox / google drive / etc.. it's a tricky thing sadly..

    anyway here's the screenshot:

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