Please vote to get Construct 2 in the tech tourney finals!

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  • It's a popularity contest. Most people are just going to vote for what they know and like.

    Objectively I think that C2 wins against all of its opponents. I tried out Game Maker before (although it was GM 6), and my results were much worse than when found Construct Classic later. I don't really remember Kodu Game Lab, but it doesn't look like a boundless game engine, not even close. Scratch isn't even the same league as C2. And in my opinion game making engines are always greater than games.

  • Final Voting! Till 4/4.

    Kerbal vs Construct 2.

    I decided to vote Construct 2! While Kerbal is fun, it is narrow in scope.

    Good luck!

  • Finished voting for Construct 2!

    I'm not interested with Kerbal.

  • I vote Kerbal by accident! Just wondered what is Kerbal and middle click to banner without knowing it's voting button! :/ Looks like a link. Anyway i owed you 2 votes and found that so it's clear.

  • voted for C2 in the finals...

    kerbal 845

    C2 614

  • if this ever wins the tech tourney...please finally implement DirectX and a bit more powerful compared to Fusion 2.5 or Game maker studio (i want native EXE please)


  • Trust me C2 will win after some magic . Just kidding, C2 will win because of it's greatness.

  • Voted on Construct 2 all the way since the start of the competition!

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  • Kerbal's likely way too popular to lose, it was even referenced in my favorite current manga.

    Still, congrats on reaching the final. Showing GameMaker who's boss at the very start of the tournament was the most important victory, in my opinion.

  • Kerbal Space Program is too good. The 3D graphics and the gameplay. C2 can't win this one since Kerbal Space Program is a big game and C2 is a game engine. Statistically, there are more gamers than game dev's so there is no chance of winning in terms of number. Besides since KSP is a 3D game and c2 is only for 2D, many people likes 3D more nowadays so that's it. Atleast, C2 won against other Game Engines. Cheers! Scirra for getting into the semi-finals.

  • Seems like someone over in Finland has way too much free time.

    Other than that, C2 is winning. Good job, guys!

  • Seems like someone over in Finland has way too much free time.

    Other than that, C2 is winning. Good job, guys!

    That looks a bit fishy. So assuming all those votes came from a single person, then C2 is actually winning <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked">


    So I was curious about what the kerbal space community is thinking about these strange votes... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed"> ... vote-here/

  • Even if there were a hundred voters, we're still winning. Should we do something or let the cheater win?

  • Have contacted the pollers, and they are looking at discounting dodgy votes (looks like Construct 2 might of got some in some regions as well!) So it's a tight race, and we can still win!

  • Did Kerbal just win? I don't think they removed the spam votes.

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