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  • Colludium - I did not know about that! that;'s good to know. Stuff like that can really make debuging something a frustrating experience depending on how the limitation exposes itself at runtime.

  • Aphrodite I know cocoonjs is full of problems, but you seem to have a personal feud with them XD

  • Aphrodite I know cocoonjs is full of problems, but you seem to have a personal feud with them XD

    I just dislike (like a lot) when bad or unstable solutions are used without thinking about the future, and the fact cocoonJS lacks of communication, organisation and support is a well known fact, it is not done to be C2 compatible, so there is no reason for scirra to show it or even propose it as a potential exporter.

    And in this case, the box2D web physic engine was kind of nerfed in its functionnalities partially because of the physic engine of cocoonJS.

    I will agree that I have a lot of personnal satisfaction with it being deprecated, however if one day it becomes stable, with a clear path, and good communication, then I could go back in my judgement (PS: I know the people behind it are not just wrong people, they have problems and I understand that, but the product just does not cut it for me.)

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  • Aphrodite - I agree completely.

  • We currently maintain support for 3 different physics engines and it makes it very difficult to make changes while maintaining compatibility. If we dropped support for CocoonJS physics it would be easier, but then that would probably upset everyone using CocoonJS.

    CoccoonJS is done now, yes?

    Any thought to adding the following? The first 2 only take an hour or so to add in (I know, because I did!)

    -Kinematic bodies

    -prismatic joints

    -chain shapes (Without chain shapes, level design revolves around avoiding internal collisions - the collision polygons that the tile map makes just don't work with anything sliding along surfaces... )

  • Ashley

    Any thoughts on this please ?

  • I want to ultimately replace the box2d physics engine with the asm.js version, but it needs rewriting and recompiling with Emscripten which is a bit tricky. Until then I don't want to make that port even harder by adding more features unless both the box2dweb and asm.js runtimes can handle them, and it can be a lot harder to get new features working in asm.js.

  • Thanks for the response

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