Physics not working on Android?(CocoonJS)

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  • Spoke to soon....

    cloud compiled version doesn't work grrrr..

    this is annoying

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  • darkstar

    I think you figured it out by the looks of things, but just click on the cocoonjs object and once you have selected it, change the physics engine property to standard web based instead of accelerated physics to make sure that your exports will work.

    Let me know if you are still stuck, I can always help you out

  • darkstar

    Just wanted to query you on one thing, with your method, is there any improvement with your standard web based if you did manage to get accelerated physics to work?

  • So I changed the coding like you suggested, removed the window. part and I can report to you that it is not a better option than using standard web based. Just a heads up so that you are aware of that. pity, I was really hoping it had made use of the proper accelerated physics, but it simply bypasses the error code and runs the regular box2d physics, but with a slower performance. Thanks for the info though, good idea on your behalf darkstar

  • i made a game and i use physics in it.

    i convert it to apk with cocoonjs but after starting game, game gets close without any error.

    i use phonegap and it is very slow and it doesn't support webgl!

    and when i upload my project to phonegap site it use 2.9 version. how can i convert it to version 3? is it faster? is it support webgl?

    i changed physic to standard web based and it doesn't work in cocoonjs too!

    is it any way to convert my game for android?

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