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  • the force at which two phys objects rebound is based on simply which of the two elasticity number is highest

    This seems odd, as colliding two balls with elasticity's of 1 and 1 gives the same result as colliding elasticity's of 1 and 0.1

    I think they should be multiplied together.. the advantage of this is that you can create an object with an elasticity of 0 that doesn't rebound no matter what collision.

    This would be really useful to me and anyone else who has attempted to make a decent physics platformer. Currently the only way to stop the player bouncing off the ground/objects when landing atop, is to set absolutely everything it may collide with's elasticity to zero.

    This change will require physics behaviour users to tweak their elast values, but I believe it makes more sense for it to work this way

    I'm not sure if this is even a C2 or a Box2D thing, but I figured I'd post anyway just in case.

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  • shameful bump and edited post to be shorter.

    whoops i just checked out

    and so it seems this is a box2d thing.. still seems weird though

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