Overlapping Not Working [SOLVED]

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  • I think this may go in bugs but its fine to leave it. When the object that is that you overlay has Sine wave on it and values are set to zero then you set them manually on start. overlap does not work. Give the sin values then adjust them. BOOM works

    Hey guys, I have a simple overlapping then destroy in my game and it is not working anymore. Its such a simple function that i was wondering if it may be a new bug or just something that I am doing wrong maybe. I cannot show my capx since its a whole project but its really simply just a ball overlapping some leaves then set to destroy those leaves. The leaves are destroyed when tested under different functions. Thanks in advance for the solver of this sucker. Cheers.

  • This sounds odd. If it's a problem, you should be able to reproduce it quickly in a new project. Not only does this mean you don't have to share your entire project, it's also far more useful for us to have the minimum necessary to cause the problem. If you can reproduce an issue please post the .capx to the bugs forum.

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  • ok will pop out a project. Thanks for making this program Ashley. Its stupendous

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