Oculus Rift support?

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  • Yeah, but did someone try to wear Oculus for straight 8 hours and do normal day work stuff? I think no matter how comfortable oculus is/will be, it's still like wearing a bucket on your head

  • Hehe, I'm not saying that people will wear them 24 hours a day and use them at a regular desk job. That might be in a distant future. I'm just saying that it will replace many ways of enjoying different kind of entertainment and this is in the near future for sure.

    And for everyone who think this will not happen because it is bulky and big you have to understand that i will get smaller and wireless in the future. Probably more like regular glasses. It is still in early stages. And it might look big as it is right now but it doesn't feel big and heavy when you have them on. So give it some time and you'll see the VR devices will get smaller

    I know that I sound like a total fanboy. But after seeing what you can do I really have no doubt. I use them for showcasing architecture in a 3D environment and it is groundbreaking how you can actually see if a room is big enough by walking inside it instead of looking at 3D-renders wich doesn't really show the true size of scale. But this will surely be used in the medical field and many other fields as well.

  • They're supposedly lighter than some models of headphones, and people wear those for long sessions. I have no trouble imagining them being used by powerusers in office jobs.

  • Anonnymitet Yes, I have used it and don't get me wrong it is cool. However, my comparison of technologies is purely based on fashion. If you look like an idiot wearing something it wont take off.

    I can see people going to a place and using it ala cinema or 'gunmen of the apocalypse'/'squid of despair' (Red Dwarf). However, I can't see a family of four sitting in their living room looking like the borg

    ***Just my opinion***

  • Sexy...

  • Not that sexy right now. But like I said, it will get smaller in the future. It will probably look more like this in a near future


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  • Sure.. lets hope it survives this stage...

  • Haha True

  • TheWyrm, I see your point: the face-to-face interaction a family or a group of friends is used to is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon. I don't foresee you putting on one of those for watching a romcom with your girlfriend, for instance.

    But consider that for individual use, it can be quite acceptable. Also in an office setting, if your work is cerebral and not too reliant on others (think programmers, movie editing, analysts, etc), I really see this thing taking off.

    The above image represents something that is ridiculous, expensive, and quite common.

    This isn't too bad, and serves the same function, except it's better in all aspects.

  • Fimbul I agree. It 'could' be an inexpensive way for multiple screens. Also I suspect that OR's early kit releases to developers is a way to appeal to the kind of people that would find it acceptable to where such things. I just don't see enough of the general public buying it to have a future.

    My reasons are as followed:

    • The first release to the general public will be big and bulky and very unattractive.
    • When using it you'll look like Ray Charles playing the piano (no offense intended).

    IT people already have a nerdy stigma attached to them. Strap something ugly to their face, that makes them and their movements look strange, while completely obscuring the real world. Look at google glass...

    This looks much sexier than the OR, but look at what the media is saying about it http://www.wired.com/2013/12/glasshole/

  • To be honest, you can strap a pretty girl into pretty much anything to make said thing look sexy. See:

    this image (too big to post directly)

    So I don't think a pretty girl says anything about the inherent fashion statement of such a device. Besides, I don't think IT people care about nerdy stigma, so power users would certainly adopt it.

    As for the general public, eventually it becomes "too good to miss", this happened before with smartphones - people now do incredibly impolite things like going on a date and staring at their phones instead of talking. The TV itself was once seen as divisive, and the concept of "family sitting in front of the TV" was seen as a sign the world was going to hell.

    You're right, though, that it will take a truly miniaturized device (like VR contact lenses, or the vr glasses posted above) to make it acceptable for people to wear it on the street, but I think we'll see this thing go through the following phases of adoption:

    • as a personal entertainment device (PED) by geeky gamers
    • as a PED by geeks (watching movies while alone)
    • as a PED by the general public (reading facebook while alone)
    • as a work device (WD) by geeks (replacing multiple monitors)
    • as a WD by power users (same as above, but now there are specialized drivers and software showing up)
    • as a WD for specialized technicians (think heavy machinery operators, pilots, remote exploration, analysts)
    • as a WD for business-types (for remote conferences and such), most likely in Japan first
    • as a PED in a group setting (watching movies and gaming with your friends)
    • as a WD in a group setting (virtual-reality collaboration, remote work)
    • as a permanent/semi-permanent wearable, including in public (by this point the device is probably so miniaturized it's barely even noticeable)

    Gartner's Hype Cycle curve should provide more insight:

  • So find a sexy girl wearing OR to prove your point You wont find one because they no longer have a face.

    If we take it back to the basics as in Roger's innovation adoption curve.

    I would say they are only at the innovators point so far and they are yet to get anywhere near the mass market and breach the chasm.

    Anyway, no point going on about it, but I will say if it does take off the world will become a very unsocial place

  • Hey guys, i did a small research with Oculus Rift and singed as a Indie developer on the page, I'm aware that oculus rift SDK works on opengl 3 wich i know it's a issue because webgl it's basically a simplified version of opengl 2.0.

    But i was looking for some Oculus rift examples on Html5 and webgl and it seems it's possible, so... ASHLEY xD it would be great to us if we have into Construct 2 some sort of plugin to make oculus rift possible, I know it isn't easy, but it isn't imposible either, that would be great for some of the developers working right now on Videogames. Also Oculus Rift only works on windows 7+ That's another issue because of lack of compatibily, but, this can be possible, if so how? or we can implement by ourselves a litle plugin that works with the oculus SDK?

    Here are some interesting things I've found on the internet with oculus vr and webgl:

    A Webgl video player for Rift <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil">


    Yet another demo <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil">

    http://threejs.org/examples/misc_contro ... srift.html

  • So find a sexy girl wearing OR to prove your point You wont find one because they no longer have a face.

    There aren't many oculus rift promo pictures that don't involve people in trade shows, and most of those show only the DK1, so it's a bit hard. There is this. Quite sexy, but a bit dystopian since she isn't smiling.

    The samsung version is a bit easier, since they are samsung and thus likely to invest in that sort of marketing. See this

    If we take it back to the basics as in Roger's innovation adoption curve.


    I would say they are only at the innovators point so far and they are yet to get anywhere near the mass market and breach the chasm.

    Oh I absolutely agree. We aren't even at the point of early adopters yet since there are no consumer versions.

    Anyway, no point going on about it

    I disagree! We're reaching a consensus!

    but I will say if it does take off the world will become a very unsocial place

    Well the same happened due to TV, Smarphones, games... I think the world is becoming a very unsocial place due to technology in general, this specific tech will just be one more step in that direction.

    Here's a bonus for you:

  • The OR has a wide audience even now, and not just developers. It has many possibilities and I do also believe that it can be a part of everyday life. Also, Oculus is working on the best possible comfortable methods for wearing the Rift so it will be possible to use it for work too and not just for entertainment.

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