Object Sprite hit detection not scaling

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  • Anyone having problems with scaling an object in the layout and finding that the hit detection from the original object sprite has not scaled with the sprite on the layout?

    I usually try to import an image to the exact size that I need anyway, so this is really the first time I've encountered this peculiar collision boundary issue in scaling objects in the layout view.

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  • I went ahead and just rescaled it in the editor itself rather than importing a new png. The new PNG would have added 4 mb to my project, but scaling it in the editor only added 1.5 mb.

    Though I could see the appearance of the sprite has been enlarged by scaling on the layout, too bad the collision boarders did not scale with it. Could have saved a bit more size on the project.

    Someone let me know if this collision boundary not scaling with layout scaling of sprite is as intended.

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