NW.js v0.12.0 alpha 3 (Chromium 41) 13th Feb, Discussion

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  • Aurel - are you using the latest C2 beta? We fixed an issue with Mac NW.js exports since the last stable.

    Ashley Thanks for telling me!

    No, by safety, I still was on r186.2 + nw10.5. I only tried the new C2 builds for pleasure (and they were very very good!)

    I just installed r197 and I'm now trying to export using nw.js 0.12 alpha3 to see if this fix the Mac problem. All I get is a black screen at launch on PC, but I guess having 2 Construct and 2 different Greenworks versions doesn't help... I guess it's time for clean up AND for the leap of faith! I'll keep you posted here.

    EDIT one hour later: nope, even with a clean install, NW.js export works very well with no janks with a Greenworks-free project, but only display a blackscreen with a project featuring the Greenworks plug-in.

    Oh, Also, like Prominent , i would be very interested in knowing if the lastest NW.js change something on the Linux front : )

    It may seems less important than PC/Mac, but a lot of publishers/partners set it mandatory now.

    Very glad to know, thanks!

  • > 10.5 works fine, so the question is, why update?


    I recall seeing some people complaining about some bugs with the 10.5 build (I think it was related to form controls but I am not sure), for them, updating was sort of necessary, also, 64 bit support (but losing XP support I think).

    But I agree with you completely that if it does not bring anything worth it, staying at the same version is fine for now.

    You don't actually need 64 bit unless your game needs more than 4GB ram access. Performance is pretty good on 10.5.

  • Im sorry, but this is horrible!! even worse!! now my game does not even goes above 50fps! wow!! just wow! i imagine the day that ashley will force me to update, and then, it will ruin my game. this just works horrible!

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  • Seems like this version either works great...or terrible.

    In it's defense, it is an alpha version. Wonder when the first 0.12x stable is expected?

    Edit: Lunatrap

    Did you try exporting? facecjf said that this version of node was janking for him on preview, but worked fine on export. Just a thought.

  • TiAm

    it does runs better, but it still oscillates beetween 60-55 fps

    :/ so baaaaad

  • Alpha 3 is working well for me.

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