Nw.js background procedures?

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  • Hello,

    look at what a partner says about my game exported with nw.js.

    "We wrap all of our games with a free trial timer, and when your game is launched, the timer expires at an unusually fast rate. We think we’ve discovered where the problem might be coming from, though. When the game is running, there are many instances(around 7 or 8) of the .exe process running in the background. Could you look into this issue?"

    I've tried in my pc and indeed I have 3 background procedures. Is that normal? Should I tell them that this is how it works?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Yes its normal.

    If they don't believe you have them open open up Chrome, and check the task manager.

    Nwjs use the same engine.

  • One process is the actual browser, one is the graphics rendered and one is a crash handler.

    IIRC you can try adding "--in-process-gpu" to make browser and graphics rendered a single process and it should fix most things.

  • Sounds like a bug in their timing code. Time passes at the same rate regardless of how many processes you have open

  • Thanks everyone! I'll let them know that Construct2 is not problem, I'll never doubt about it again I promise! xD

  • Does the timer problem happen with a blank/empty NWjs project?

  • Hello,

    Colludium I don't know but I suppose so...the problem of the timer is that nw.js has 3 processes...or that is what they told me.

    I need your help once again. They are stuck in that I must solve THEIR problem with their DRM.

    They've suggested to create a launcher.exd that opens the game itself. The launcher and the game must be hand by hand, if one is closed the other must be closed to.

    Furthermore, we cannot use any .NET program as the launcher.

    If I had known all this I wouldn't have done all the changes they ask me for the game....but now everything is done and I don't want to throw all the hardwork done.

    I thought also that if somehow the 2 background processes could be named differently from main proces, that could do the trick.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Hello again,

    after a lot of time of searching, trying error, we finally manage to deal with that problem.

    Indeed with C# .NET you can create a winforms program that calls the nwjs.exe.

    If any of you finds himself with the same problem send me a private message and I'll try to help.

  • It's related to the multiple nw.exe process. Like the other bugs mentioned lately.

    This stems from the --single-process CMD/Arg no longer functional.

  • jugger87 i've sent you a PM, we have EXACLY the same problem.

    Can you point us in the right direction or help us out!


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