Can not run test in "HTTP", have to choose "File"

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  • When I tried to test the game as "HTTP", the browser can't run it.

    (Chrome,IE,Firefox all of them are the newest version). It said

    Google Chrome could not find localhost:50000

    So I have to set it as "run as file" and it'll work.

    Do I need to setup something or install some driver?

  • What OS are you using ?

  • Window 7.

  • As seen in the last blog entry

    hen you click preview or export, the HTML5 exporter converts your project in to HTML, javascript and PNG images. It generates all the necessary code for your game to play on a web page. It also launches a local HTTP server to work around browser security restrictions.

    Do you use a local server (like wamp or xamp) or something to help you make websites localy ?

    From what I know there is a local server by default in Windows 7, and I think Ashley relies on it for the previews.

    At worse, try to uninstall C2, redownload it and reinstall it. Maybe your first download got screwed at some point (it happens).

  • I don't have Local server install. Normally, when I make website, I upload and test it on real server.

    So everyone using C2 has the local server themself?

    Are there any disadvantage if I keep using preview in "file" mode?

  • There might be some issues with sprites and audio files in the long run.

    Keep looking at this thread though, a more useful answer might come. I don't know 7 very well, I haven't installed it yet, so I can't be the most helpful here.

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  • Auto-mirror and auto-flip don't work in file preview mode, and all AJAX requests will probably fail. You also can't preview in the same tab, Construct 2 will open a new tab every time you hit preview. Most games should be OK in file mode though.

  • Hehe, by that reason. I should try reinstall it.

    One more thing, when I try to open new project by press new in Menu>File.

    It like open new layout, not new project.

    How can I open new project?

  • imissu2, I'm not sure what you mean. It's not possible to open a layout when you don't have a project open. If you start Construct 2, and click File -> New, the 'New Project dialog' should appear. What do you see instead?

  • I means when I open a project and working on it. Then I want to open another new project to test something real quick. I click new, it should open new project,right?

  • I reinstall C2 and still have the same problem.

  • Are you running any other servers on your computer?

    If you want to open another project, choose File -> Open!

  • A quick Google of your error offers a few suggestions, the easiest of which would be to check your Hosts file, located at 'C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc'. Try un-REMing the entry for ' localhost ' (if it is REM'd).

  • Thank to Zenox98, I use your keyword to search google again, cause I don't know how to un-REMing the entry.

    I followed this link :

    It's work! right now I can run test in HTTP.

    Ashley, I want to open another New project while I'm opening my game, can I do that?

  • Having the same problem for days now and dunno what's wrong. Changing hosts file didn't do the trick

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