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  • Hi guys, so now that Node-webkit supports both 32 and 64 bits operating systems, i need to make a super noob question.

    what does this brings to the table, whats the advantages and whats the difference beetween the 32 and 64 bits exports of node-webkit?

    sorry for the noob question, and thanks in davance.

  • I also need to know.

  • 64-bit versions of Windows can run 32-bit software, but 32-bit versions of Windows can’t run 64-bit software. 32-bit programs can only use 2 GB of memory each, while 64-bit programs can use much more. A 32-bit processor is also 32-bit based, in that they work with data units that are 32 bits wide. A computer with a 64-bit processor can have a 64-bit or 32-bit version of an operating system installed. However, with a 32-bit operating system, the 64-bit processor would not run at its full capability. 64-bit processors process more data more quickly.

    32-bit software will be more compatible with more machines but will generally not run as fast as 64bit due to the processing bit limitation and also the capped memory. If your application uses a lot of memory (lots of images, sounds, etc.) you should try to plan on having a 64 bit build available.

    More good info: ... f-windows/

  • Gillis

    thanks a lot, btw congratulation on getting your game greenlighted

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  • no problem, and thank you.

  • See Chrome's 64-bit announcement here: they cite "many benefits for speed, stability and security", and that "64-bit rendering engines are almost twice as stable as 32-bit engines when handling typical web content". I don't think many games will exceed 2GB of memory, so the main benefits are being able to use the full capabilities of a 64-bit CPU, as well as the reportedly better stability.

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