Any non-game projects in construct?

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  • Hey guys,

    of course Construct is mainly for game design but i wondered, if there are some projects/programs made with C2, that are no games.

    Searching the forum, I found a calculator or a timetable software.

    What else is possible? Show off if you like :)

    Sry for bad english!

  • I am making a seamless texture creation utility. It makes alpha maps for common textures like terrain textures. Just the masking is done now, but when I am done it will make the full texture.

    This one might be good for a tower defense game.

    Please excuse the dark ugly colors. I am testing the lighting, and needed a dark base so the lights would show up better. :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    It will pop out a matrix file too, so you can easily re-create your custom matrix in your own game.

  • nice one! that�s what i meant:)

    there is so much more potential than "just" games ;-)

    I�m working on a real board game, supported by an app! Some mixture i guess :D

  • Yeah I'm interested as well in making "tools" for games directly with C2

    I made some "image editing" tests the other day as I was thrilled to discover you could export transparent pngs with the canvas snapshot

  • I made an English class presentation in C2 a while back.

  • I regularly use construct 2 for making level editors for games, even if I'm making the actual game in a different language just because it's so much quicker to develop and is cross-platform.

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  • Haematite, thats sounds interesting. Are there any examples or tutes on the web of this approach, as I would like to create one for myself?

    Are you saving and loading the tile data to XML via an array?

  • Pode might do a lot of non-game projects.

  • I'm doing a presentation on A.I. in two days' time, and have used C2 for all the slidedeck and demos:

    sqiddster - the link to your capx is broken - I'd be interested to compare how you set up the project for your presentation (I use one layout per slide, with a global event sheet that controls transitions between slides and some slide-specific event sheets for interactive demonstrations of the topics on each slide).

  • I did essentially program with C2 - The last one is a shipment tracking app on iphone and desktop (with node) using mainly my plugins (e.g. dropbox for the database)

  • zendorf Yeah, it goes via an array into XML. Not sure if there's any tutorials on this as I just use my own method - incorporating the use of tiling tiled backgrounds if there was a row of grass etc.

    I'll try and get round to posting a demo in the near future as I imagine more people will benefit from it.

  • tanoshimi my apologies! It's all fixed now.

    I actually used a structure like the menu in Airscape so I could have those cool transitions. I can' say it would be the best choice for a 'professional' presentation, but for that task we were encouraged to get creative.

  • Oh, that's a great presentation squiddster - very impress.js :)

  • I had made a fair amount of tile-based level editors before the .tmx importer came around.

    This one was in C2..what a nightmare.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    This is the biggest one I made in CC..Was pretty cool because you could rotate tiles & objects, and groups of tiles like big tetris pieces ( Thanks again tulamide ). All objects and properties, tilesets, and BGs were chosen in the list boxes. There were also extra properties like "highlight current layer", zoom, scroll speed, and a drop-down menu to choose level properties like music.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Your Level-Editor looks amazing!!! Really reminds me of good old rpg-maker :)

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