Node-webkit performs poor all of a sudden?

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  • Hi, I just updated to the latest Node webkit exporter, and I seem to experience very bad performance compared to my previous exports. Just wondering if anyone has the same problem?


  • HI Tinimations - did you change anything else? e.g. upgrade to a beta version of Construct2

  • I'm hesitant to upgrade my node-webkit since the last one was bad, and apparently this recent one is awful too?

    Keep your old Node-webkit installers, since they're not given on the site. Incase the situation doesn't improve for a few months.

  • hundredfold No I upgraded to the latest stable release that released yesterday.

    Hmm actually I'm not sure that works. When I tried to export with the node webkit I original had (which was also downloaded from scirra btw), I got directed towards the latest version.

    Seems like I'm not the only one experiencing issues?

    Edit: Hmm ok after some tests it doesn't seem to be as severe as I first feared. However I have gotten reports from testers that the version exported roughly 2 weeks ago runs siginificantly better than the one I exported today. I need to make some more tests to determine wether this is caused by some changes I've made to the game, or if it's changes made to construct/node webkit.

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  • I don't even have an old node-webkit build (I keep to stable releases, last stable included NW in the build) so now I can't even update to the new stable because it'll break NW ._.

  • sqiddster Do you have the opportunity to install it on a seperate computer or something to test? If you read the edit I just made to my previous post you can see that I still get it to run fine on my own computers. I still haven't been able to find out wether the reported bad performance from testers are caused due to me making changes to the game that makes it incompatible with hardware below a certain spec, or if it's construct/webkit.

  • Well I know that Chrome 38 has some serious Vsync issues, and the new NW is based on Chrome 38 so I don't really want to risk it, unless I hear someone who has seen a definite improvement over previous NW builds.

  • Hmm I see. Alright I did some more intensive tests and it definately runs worse. Still need to figure out if it's my changes or the webkit though... :/

  • Does anyone have the last version of the node? Was it ever released in the current form, ie a separate installer called "nodewebkit-for-c2.exe"? I guess I'm stuck on the last stable for now, unless r190 can have the older node installed over it...

  • TiAm, here's a link to the old node installer but, as said above, you're limited to no newer than r187.... C2 checks version numbers and prompts you to update if you try with the wrong one.

  • Colludium Nesteris

    I got the old exporter working in r190 without issue. Though...I did do the test on a secondary machine that isn't hooked up to the internet.

    Anyway, I don't know if there might be hidden glitches, but it appears to work fine. I've got a writeup on how to do it that's about 95% done; it'll be up in the general forum in a few minutes.

  • Did a reformating of my computer yesterday and got all drivers up to date, and it's first now I truly understand what you folks mean with v-sync issues. HOLY S***. Even the construct 2 editor is incredibly jaggy.

    Edit: The editor jagging might be solely due to the GPU driver. People are reporting V-sync issues here as well, even outside of games.

  • Tinimations

    Posted a guide here on how to restore the older, non-jerky node-webkit to r190 stable. It came out a little wordy...but basically, just replace the new node files with the ones from r184.

  • TiAm Yeah I saw it. Good work! I will check it out if I need to export a new build before the issues are resolved.

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