What next for Construct 2?

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    EmperorIng360: What kind of app you use for drawing sprites? Most of the graphic software allows you to save file into png, tga... with transparent background. After loading that file into C2 you don't need to worry about transparency anymore.

    lol, I use MSpaint.

    It was nice that CC even catered to the total cheapwads like myself :D

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    lol, I use MSpaint.

    I forgive you. lol

    MSPaint has no transparency support, no wonder you're having trouble! I recommend Paint.NET.

    Edit: watch out for the scummy 'download now' adverts designed to trick you. Here's a direct download link to help you: Paint.NET 3.5.8

    Does C2 have support for magenta rgb(255,0,255) as opaque?

    MSPaint has no transparency support, no wonder you're having trouble! I recommend Paint.NET.

    Edit: watch out for the scummy 'download now' adverts designed to trick you. Here's a direct download link to help you: Paint.NET 3.5.8

    Many thanks, my good man.

    Polygon collision will be perfect for C2, especially since C2 seems more user friendly and clear.

    Yeah I think polygon collision should be implemented before any physics are touched. Otherwise one would not get such great physics results.

    I reckon getting more of Construct Classic behaviours, objects, functions and families should probably get more focus at the earlier stages. Getting C2 to the level of CC would be great, and then building on that to surpass it.

    Either way I think this is all very exciting :)

    I'll be putting some cash aside to buy C2.

    How about cross platform multiplayer support? This could be an extension of the current multiplayer plugin or support to one of the many service providers out there. A quick one might be to get an official version of

    This is my two week impression on what you should make your #1 priority: you should hire developers.

    You have a fantastic product, and at your current download rate, you must be making a bit of money. Find the best, most experienced reputable devs you can afford and distribute your goals.

    I have come across at least three awesome set of plug-ins that I believe should be fully incorporated (enhanced textbox, cvs to array, and iscroll) -- the problem is these individuals become busy with other things and their wonderful work is left ignored as you keep moving forward ... this, as well as fully fleshing out the 'token' features (adding tokenfind tokendelete, tokensort, etc..) to ease use in development (ease of use is what makes your product so attractive) is what I would like to see.

    Secondly (or maybe thirdly), I think you should add a 'word game genre' to your FAQ list and tutorials -- it's a huge part of the gaming market, yet only a fringe element here.

    God speed and keep up the great work. Many thanks!

    EDIT: (I just noticed this is a 3 yr old thread! ) ...

    Ashley , My wishlist & to get better C2 is:

    1) Better Events: the free-programming easy events is a very important feature ! Why just don't make it more easier and new events??

    2) Better Sprite Editor: More pro look & better abilities & settings

    3) New Touch ability: Swiping! with a manual & conditions for it, it would be swipe-tastic !!

    4) More Multi-player effort & support: making the multi-player events easy would be great because it hard for me to use them.

    5) Collision thing: make objects pushable like crates when player move towards it.

    That it! & thanks

    • Official three.js 3D support (Quazi's plugin isn't suitable to some peoples as they doesn't have credit cards to buy it because PayPal can be used with credit cards only)
    • Optimized CocoonJS export module and plugin (since CocoonJS now can export to OUYA, Chrome, Pokki, Tizen
    • New touch gestures (swipe, tap on button/object, flick)
    • New behaviors
    • (Optional as the Gamepad plugin can also being used) OUYA Controller plugin
    • Wii U GamePad plugin (for who have the Wii U export module)


    1. The events are already "better", especially compared to any other visual coding system I've used. Construct 2 is an open-ended tool that is technically still programming, so making events that are hard-coded to a specific game type would be something I never really want to happen (behaviors are fine).

    2. More drawing features would definitely be nice, but how it looks style-wise now is fine.

    3. This is already possible by checking the start and end position of a touch. It's very few events, but could be added to the Touch object.

    4. They've already made it extremely simple compared to other multiplayer engines/frameworks. There is not much they can do to simplify it further, especially without limiting the multiplayer game types that people can make.

    5. This is already possible, either through physics behaviors or by writing a few events.

    Construct 2 is intended for both beginner and advanced users, but is still a programming/game dev tool that requires a lot of time and effort to fully learn and get the best out of it. Having spent over 13 years working with Construct/similar tools I would say that this is good and encourages self-taught learning and problem solving.

    Jayjay I have spent 2 years on c2 and your 13 years, I feel very experienced :lol

    Naji Well, back then Construct wasn't around so it was similar products like Clickteam stuff, but from the first time I saw Construct I switched to it completely (so back in 2008, 6 years ago now

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