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  • congrats to the winners!

    Construct 2 HTML5 Touch Jam Results

  • Some interesting results there. I agree with the top choices, though I would've liked to have seen Bunker control and Icarus Wave do better (personal preference, I guess).

    Even if you didn't contribute, I'd recommend checking out the link above as Tom gives a lot of good feedback on how the games performed on his iPhone. The main issue it seems to highlight is that probably more than half the entries had sound related issues.

    Anyway, one of the main things I learnt from the competition is that nobody ever reads the instructions (even if you have a big button marked 'instructions') so try to make games as easily accessible as possible (in game tutorials, and other helpers for example).

    Well done to those who won, and also well done to those who took part. I'm looking forward to seeing some of those games develop into something considerably more awesome.

  • Congratulations to the winners... I definitely agree with the rankings. Human Invasion was my favorite game, but the top 2 winners definitely had the production values.

    And yeah Dave I definitely had issues with instructions for my game... the mechanics weren't as intuitive as I thought.

  • nobody ever reads the instructions...

    Dave Hailwood,

    true in games, and life as well.

  • Mine was fairly intuitive, except for getting started with a double touch.

    I knew I was in trouble when he said he would be testing on his IPhone. It has 100 sprites on screen, laggy on mobile devices.

    I think I should have left more levels unlocked as well, I don't know if he made it to the levels where you get shot at.

  • foolmoron

    I really like the concept behind your game though I could never get the fault lines to trigger, so I didn't make it past level 2. For a while I assumed (as others might have) that it was a fault with the game itself, but then a friend had a play and managed to figure it out.


    I really enjoyed the Hitchhikers Guide references and styling of your game. A very original take on the Arkanoid Brick Busting genre.

    I think we all knew we were in trouble when he said he'd be testing on his iPhone (especially since my entry was designed with larger touchscreen devices in mind, as board games aren't really cut out for small screens). I was surprised to see how well some of the games ran on smaller devices, and it at least proves that the games can work well if you know what you're doing.


    Very profound, dear chap! If I had only read Life's Instructions I could've been an Admiral by now, instead of a Professional Eel Tickler (the hours are long, but the eels seem happy).

  • congrats people, all of you.

    learned a lot. but also i have to continue with free version at least until the next competition :)

  • congrats people, all of you.

    learned a lot. but also i have to continue with free version at least until the next competition :)

    NG competition or just any competition because.


  • OrangeTapioca

    Yeah, I'm aware of it. but i am not sure if i can find enough free time to enter this one, as i am still a student and finals are just about to come :/

    For same reason, I missed's Got Game.

    Thanks anyway :)

  • Dave

    I'm glad you guys were able to figure it out eventually. I think the issue is that you have to be kind of quick if you want to get the earthquakes to collide and create a fault. I do think it's a cool concept though and I might remake/improve it later.

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  • ebrar

    When I heard about this game jam I was in my final year of college and had a bunch of stuff due (3 year-long class projects, undergraduate thesis) and also the stress of graduation all coming in the month of April... but I just said "**** it" and decided to make a game for this competition anyways and I'm extremely glad I did. Pressure makes you learn things pretty fast!

  • foolmoron,

    Maybe you're right. I am currently in my final year of college too, nearly the same situation.

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