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  • I think it could be useful to create a new option in future release for the drag & drop behaviour moving the object on the top of layer if "is dragging" (default off) ...

    I'm working on a Puzzle game project with so many conditions to manage ...

    Thanks for your consideration ;-p

  • I second this! :)

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  • But it's such a simple thing to do?

    Object is dragging

    --> Move to top of layer

    --> other actions

    I don't think it warrants a toggleable option in the object when it's just as easy to add it to your event sheet.

    You say there are a lot of conditions to manage in your game; are you using groups and families? And are your events laid out as logically as you can get them? Using groups and families alleviates so much headache when trying to keep track of all my events, I don't know what I'd do without them!

  • Thanks for replies ;-p

    Sorry, i have the free edition version so no "families" in .. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />   and so i must do 24 times in my project ...

    Object is dragging

    • -> Move to top of layer
    • -> other actions

    For doing this with lesser conditions (and without a new option for dragged behaviour), i need to have something like :

    For all Object type [sprite] (with name like "P*") in layer ["*"/"name"/number)]

    • -> Object is dragging
    • -> Move to top of layer
    • -> other actions

    With "families" this can be probably done but its not really the question ... The question IS NOT : "How to do something without doing the requesting change in Construct 2 !" ...

    ... If you think like me that all versions must integrate the most common behaviour options to dont have to make lines for ... and if you think putting a dragged object in top of layer is a common/obvious thing ... so you probably think "creating a new option for the drag & drop behaviour for that is a really good idea !".

    Ok, it's not a priority request, just a good thing for make a better product better with the more common options included.

    And sorry for bad english (i'm french)

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