Do I need construct2 for this type of game?

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  • I am looking at a really simple (i believe) type of game. Its a choose your path, multiple choice game.

    In my head it amounts to nothing more than a lot of different static scenes where you will make your choices and your choice will dictate your game path. Just make it a little pretty. The story line is the key to the game since graphically it wont amount to a whole lot.

    I am sure you guys have seen or played the walking dead on the iphone or ipad, its a multiple choice zombie game. I am not aiming for all the fancy graphic animation etc for obvious reasons.

    Am I way off here in left field? What approach would you take? I am no programmer but playing with C2 and learning, I got nothing but time to work on it.


  • If you don't want to do any programming, but still want a good amount of freedom, C2 is probably the way to go. Keep in mind that on mobiles ATM there's no memory management which could cause a problem if you have lots of full-screen or large images.

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  • So how would a mario bros game with 100+ levels, each level being one long 6000 x 250 image respond to what you are saying? Bare with me, I am learning

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