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  • Honestly just get FL studio. It's the easiest program to use. I have been using it for 10 years.

  • Kyatric, that's awesome, Reason is great too, though I didn't try that out for too long as it initially didn't have VST support. But then, I also didn't know how to program a synth back when I tried it, so I'm sure I'd be able to recreate sounds using purely it's included synths now.

    I forgot to list Darkwave Studio as another potential software here.

    Oh, and for instant tracks, one might also consider Microsoft Songsmith! ;)

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  • Personally, I use a program called Reaper. I like it because it's fast, rock stable, immensely powerful, highly customizable, and cheap. Easy to use? Well, I don't think it would take top honors there, but if you take some time to configure it and read the manual it's as good -- and in some ways even better -- than just about anything out there.

    That being said, never stop experimenting with new programs. Of all the tracks I've made, some of my best were with a homebrew music app for my psp called Rhythm. Even with it's massive limitations -- 16 note polyphony anyone? -- it's proved useful and creatively inspiring to me. When your creative vision is not clear, absolute power and endless options can be your worst enemies. The decision on whether to set those limits yourself, or use tools that set them for you is one everyone has to make; both approaches can lead to great work.

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  • Lmms looks cool! But honestly, as an individual dev, I find it easier to get game music ( I purchase when necessary)

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