Multiple tag muting does not work :( WHY

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  • Hi there,

    I always struggled when it came to sound tags in construct 2, for some reason, when I want to mute multiple groups of sounds it simply doesn't work.

    In my current project, I have 4 general tags I'm using and I want to mute individually those 4 tags (I see them as groups in my eyes). Three of them are related to Game sound ("GamePlaySFX", "PitchedEat", "PitchedMiss" ) and the Iast one is just for backgorund music ("BGM"). Im simply using buttons to mute or unmute sounds, but only "BGM" tag is working, all in ogg format, music is in Music folder and sfx in Sounds folder. You can check it out on the picture below. Why, it makes me crazy

    Did anyone experience same problem ? I hope the problem is just between keyboard and chair. Please, need halp ASAP!

  • Did you play those tags before muting or unmuting them? I think you first have to play them to "create" those tags.

  • Do you mean, if I played sound with the "tag" I want to mute before I mute it? If so, I did, still same problem. I just want the user to have the option to turn off music or Gamplay SFX individually. But those tags just don't like me I guess

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  • Well, I'm not sure what could be a problem there. If you have time, you could try this approach for covering that feature:

    • Have a variable that you can set using the settings (for ex.: hasMusic=0;).
    • Put that variable check everywhere where you about to play a music (hasMusic=1 then play).
    • Or try setting an event like: is tag "music" playing AND hasMusic=0; then stop tag "music".
  • Thanks for suggestion,

    because the project is rather big, it will take time to do that kind of change. But the idea is good, I'm going to try it. Still don't know why it does not work and it makes me angry

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