Multiple connection to running Preview not working sometimes

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  • Hi. I set up local preview over LAN (with my IP) to test my games and apps on my phone or on another PC via LAN.

    In most cases it works fine if I connect from my PC and another one or my phone at the same time (e.g. with chat example). But sometimes (like for my current game) only one connection to the preview is allowed. Is there some setting for this I missed or why can I only open my preview in one browser? The browser on the other device is just "stuck" until I close the running preview window on my PC.

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  • Are you sure you don't have network problems? I would start from this.

  • I think it's not a network problem. When I preview the Chat example or some other Game I made I can open my IP:50000 multiple times. But as soon as I preview my latest game it's only possible to view it in one instance. So it can't be a network problem when it works immediately for other projects?

  • I've totally had this issue happen to me!

    I thought it was only me and nobody would believe me. I run into this issue when I'm trying to preview on LAN on a PC and also a mobile device -- if there are multiple PC browser tabs open trying to preview NONE will tend to work (PC or mobile) until I slay them all except one OR sometimes if I press F5 in the editor

  • It worked a few times in the last days but its happening again. We cant access the preview in a second window or from another computer until I close my preview.

  • Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix this? Most times I want to test something via the LAN preview a second connection is not possible. But sometimes it works. Could not find what's causing it, yet.

  • It just worked with beta r175 and I could open the preview IP multiple times in a new tab or new browser window. Now I was AFK for about 30 min and its broken again. I cant open it in the same or another browser, only one instance is possible. Does anyone know why?

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