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  • Hi have a question about the multiplayer functionality.

    I made the chat tutorial and added something similar to my own game, and there doesn't seem to be any problem connecting as host. However I was wondering if it is possible to start up several C2 and run several projects to test it locally. The reason I ask is because im not sure if it works correctly. When I do it, I can see that it register that someone connected, but it wont write the peer name for the peer client when it connect, however works for the host client, which can see the client name. Furthermore I cant send messages between them. Some times both client and host will show both names connected in the client list and sometimes they wont. (Mostly its the client that doesn't show the host)

    Im testing using the nodekit.

    So just wondering if its possible to even test it using several instances of C2 or is it expected to behave weird. If that's the case are there any good way to test if it works locally, using just one computer?

  • To test it you just need 2 windows open. Each window is it's own session.

    If you test the chat demo without modifying it (or modify just the game name to make your own private room), you can verify if it works for you or not.

  • This works for browsers only. You can open only one instance of your project in node webkit.

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  • Thanks for that, can see it works in Chrome, at least my first tests so that's good.

    Just hope they add it so it also works in nodekit, as I hate testing in browsers, there are always something that doesn't look right

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